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    Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Professional?

    Anyone that has kids or pets, and lives in a carpeted household, knows the stresses of a dirty carpet. It seems to happen so frequently, and without warning. One minute you have a nice, white carpet, freshly vacuumed, and the next you have a dog that couldn’t get outside in time and a child trying… Keep Reading…

  • 5 Stress Release Tips for Moms During COVID-19

    5 Stress Release Tips for Moms During COVID-19

    Being a mother can be difficult even in the best of times. But mothers around the world are feeling more than their fair share of stress while working to keep life as normal as possible for their children while dealing with the COVID-19 virus. One bit of good news is that your kids are equipped… Keep Reading…

  • 6 Ways to Tone Your Body at Home

    6 Ways to Tone Your Body at Home

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and limit movement. If you stay in the house for a long time without moving around, you risk gaining weight. Not to mention, exercise is crucial to keep a healthy immune system. The following is a list of things that you can do at home to… Keep Reading…

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    Germany has become the Third largest Market for Cannabis outside North America

    With Germany becoming the third largest market outside North America for Cannabis, what can other European countries learn from them in this developing industry? A Work in Progress The year 2019 saw Germany enter the podium of countries in the industry of cannabis. That comes two years after Germany legalized the use of cannabis based… Keep Reading…

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    What Are Scrubs?

    When it comes to thinking about what doctors wear in the hospital, there are a few items that come to mind. These include a white coat, a stethoscope, and scrubs. Coming from a scrubs store, many people are wondering what exactly scrubs are and why doctors wear them. There are a few points that everyone… Keep Reading…