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  • How to Manage Your Anxiety During the Pandemic

    How to Manage Your Anxiety During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing since early in 2020 throughout much of the world with little sign of the pandemic drawing to a close. The problem of anxiety has been a major one for the majority of people whether they are affected by this regularly or not. Among the biggest problems reported by Help… Keep Reading…

  • What to Expect With Your Dental Implant

    What to Expect With Your Dental Implant

    Because they function in the same way as your natural teeth, dental implants are often a better solution than dentures for missing teeth. Implants work well and can last a lifetime, but getting them is a lengthy process. This is because your body will need time to heal between the implant process steps.   The… Keep Reading…

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    How Much Bone Broth to Drink

    If you’ve heard the buzz lately about the hottest new health and wellness trend called bone broth that has everyone talking, and were thinking about giving it yourself, then you have come to the right place. Bone broth has been around for centuries or perhaps even longer, it has numerous health benefits, and it also… Keep Reading…

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    What Keto Supplement Options Are There?

    The ketogenic diet, commonly called the keto diet, allows plenty of high-fat foods but almost no carbohydrate. Many people find that they can lose weight more easily on this diet, but it can come with some downsides as well. To receive the benefits of the ketogenic diet without suffering from the “keto flu,” supplements can… Keep Reading…

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    3 Easy Ways to Free Up Your Schedule

    Feeling busy? Feeling stressed? Because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak people have been feeling trapped in their own homes with new tasks and responsibilities that are stressing them out! Regardless of the origin of your stress, I would like to provide a couple ideas as to how you might be able to ease the mental… Keep Reading…

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    How Does CBD Make You Feel?

    There is a reason so many people use CBD. It makes them feel good!  In recent years, CBD has spiked in popularity and is the new it thing to try amongst celebrities and average folks across America. Even Kim Kardashian has given it a go!  But the concept of CBD is actually still quite new… Keep Reading…

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    Five Ways To Boost Your Immune System

    2020- Let’s call it the year of prioritizing the immune system.   We guarantee that one of the most googled searches so far is around ways to strengthen your immune system. But look no further than here to learn what you need to do.    With so much focus on the importance of living a healthy… Keep Reading…

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    What are the Reviews of Bamboo Toilet Paper?

    It seems as if recently that everyone has been focused on making small changes to their daily routine that can reduce waste and protect the environment. If you have already swapped from plastic grocery bags to cute trendy totes or have ditched plastic straws and replaced them with a sporty reusable water bottle, you may… Keep Reading…

  • Dr Oz

    Dr. Oz and Former CEO George Halvorson Propose Necessary Fix to Health Care System

    The state of U.S. health care is a timeless debate often marred by political leanings. However, convoluted offerings and restrictive availability simply can’t exist in a world ravaged by a lethal pandemic. The solution comes in the form of a streamlined approach via the well-known Medicare Advantage Program. Says longtime health care professional Dr. Mehmet… Keep Reading…

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    How to Complete a Medicaid Application

    Medicaid is a public assistance program administered by states within the U.S for low-income earners, disabled citizens and lawful aliens. Every State covers some health care areas, including specific medical services. However, some details differ from one State to the next. Medicaid can also cover Medicare payments, deductibles, premiums and coinsurance, which means that you… Keep Reading…

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    5 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Braces

    Your child has just turned eight years old, and your dentist says they can now wear a pair of braces. According to most people, children can wear braces from as early as eight to fourteen years, when their mouths and jaws can respond to straightening. However, knowing children, you are worried whether your child will… Keep Reading…

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