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    How to Make Your Water Safe to Drink

    Not all places have tap water that is safe to drink directly. And even if it is, it’s still better to be sure and filter your water before drinking it. You can just opt to buy filtered water, but having an unlimited source at home is much better. This way, you’re not only saving money,… Keep Reading…

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    One of the largest solar panel installations on commercial buildings is being built in Sydney, Australia

    The 5000 solar panels that are currently being fitted to the 3-hectare roof of the My Direct Blinds factory, will have a total installed capacity of 1.5MW. Currently, it is within the top five largest solar panel installations on a commercial building within Australia. Efficiency improvement The amount of solar energy that will be produced… Keep Reading…

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    Entrepreneur Daniel Madariaga is Joining in on the Fight Against Climate Change in Mexico

    Mexico City houses over 9 million people, making it the largest state across Mexico and the most populated city throughout North America! Over the past few years, an improving infrastructure has led to a resurgence in tourism. The city has become a popular destination for weekend getaways, with travel junkies vying to visit one (or… Keep Reading…

  • The Eco Friendly Practices of Paul Alan Smith
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    LA-Based CEO Paul Alan Smith and His Eco-Friendly Business Practices

    As climate change threatens to irreparably change important aspects of our planet’s habitat, more and more people are becoming committed to environmental conservation. A great way to contribute to this cause is through business practices designed to support positive environmental change. However, it’s not always clear how to arrive at these practices. A look at… Keep Reading…

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    Facts about the Dakota Access Pipeline

    What is the Dakota Access Pipeline? The Dakota Access Pipeline is a 30” pipeline measuring 1,172 miles. Running underground since June 2017, it transports 570,000 barrels of light sweet crude oil each day from Bakken/Three Forks, North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. Almost three years later, it has operated without major incidents, given back extensively to… Keep Reading…

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    3 Times that Criminal Behavior Has Variable Punishments

    In a logical world, one specific act, event, or situation will always lead to a particular consequence or result. However, in the real world, things aren’t so straightforward. You have to know that on many occasions, criminal behavior has variable punishments depending on a lot of different contexts. There are lots of examples to illustrate… Keep Reading…

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    How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Greenhouse?

    Having your own greenhouse is always an excellent idea. You will have a chance to grow organic vegetables, house plants, and even experiment with exotic plants all year round. Gardening can be highly beneficial for your physical and mental health. According to studies, it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve the immune system… Keep Reading…

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    Learn What To Do After A Car Accident

    Throughout the course of your life, the chances are fairly high that you will experience at least a minor vehicle collision.  It will help your mind and your nerves to know what to do after a car accident.   The initial impact of a vehicle accident will undoubtedly throw you off for a moment.  When the… Keep Reading…

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    Growing Indoors at Home with Hydroponics

    If you’re considering growing vegetables or plants at home and want to ensure a good yield and perhaps ongoing harvests then you’ve probably already figured out that the British weather and the abundance of pests it brings aren’t conducive to that.  While many start out with a greenhouse, temperature is still hard to maintain for… Keep Reading…

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    Top 10 countries for green living

    While it may seem that green living and environmental friendliness are hard to be measured with exact accuracy and compared among different countries, the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy has come up with the universally accepted scale, called Environmental Performance Index (EPI).  The EPI ranks 180 countries in terms of their environmental consciousness,… Keep Reading…

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    Geometric Patterns for the Nursery

    For infants and young children it’s important for their intellectual and social development to be introduced to the idea of form and structure from the very beginning of their existence. Experts insist that before children learn their ABC’s or verbal cues they should be introduced to a variety of geometric designs and ideas. This will… Keep Reading…

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