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As India’s Water Shortage Worsens, GFA World’s-supported ‘Jesus Wells’ Serve Thousands

In drought-ravaged Chennai region, ministry pumps clean water for thirsty STONEY CREEK, ON — As devastating water scarcity continues to ravage parts of South India, faith-based agency GFA World (Formerly: Gospel for Asia, today reports that “Jesus Wells” are pumping life-saving water for thousands of desperate families in the drought-stricken Chennai region.  The wells, located in… Keep Reading…

Energy Healing and Energy Medicine: The Science Behind the Treatment

More and more people are turning to energy healing and energy medicine as a non-invasive, low-risk treatment of almost any ailment the body can encounter. Oddly enough, energy medicine is being touted as “the medicine of the future,” but it is actually rooted in ancient healing methods that date back thousands of years The Science… Keep Reading…

Understanding the Bail Bond Process

Anyone who gets arrested and imprisoned will seek all available options to be released. Some crimes allows the payment of a certain amount (referred to as bail) which serves as an insurance between the defendant and the court. This amount, however, is usually too large for the defendant to settle by himself.  Fortunately, there are… Keep Reading…

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