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Driver Monitoring Technology is On Its Way Across the World

Technology is changing the automotive industry in ways no one thought possible. From electric cars to automated vehicles, transportation is being transformed. While fully automated roads—where no one drives manually—are a ways off, the future is closer than you think. One form that cars are progressing is the use of driver monitoring systems (DMS). What… Keep Reading…

What Is A Monocular And Why You Should Use One

A monocular is a small or mini instrument that uses various lenses to magnify whatever you aim it at. Basically, a monocular is a low-powered telescope or a spotting scope that you can hold in one hand like with binoculars. However, monocular is just for one eye.  The primary distinguishing feature of a monocular, from… Keep Reading…

Older TikTok Influencers Defy Stereotypes on the App

The rise of the TikTok social media platform has been primarily associated with Generation Z, the newest generation to reach young adulthood. Some experts point to the democratic nature of the platform, while others argue that TikTok’s short video format is its recipe for success with the most internet-savvy generation of all time. Regardless of… Keep Reading…

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