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5 Ways Makeup Affects Your Skin

Many of us use makeup to boost our confidence or to express ourselves creatively. Some of us may know the effects different makeup products have on our skin, but having a makeup routine is such an ordinary and necessary thing in today’s culture that the effects are easy to overlook. However, the bad effects of… Keep Reading…

The Rise of Men in Makeup

Health and fitness, dieting, self-care. These are all hot button topics in today’s world. Now we can add one more to the list: makeup. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and today, that goes for all genders. Hundreds of years ago, men used to wear makeup—it was completely normal. But that wasn’t the… Keep Reading…

Ageism and Women: Aging in the 21st Century

We all know that today’s standards of beauty are by no means easy to reach—at least if we are to go by the hundreds of photoshopped end edited images we see and scroll past every day. And, it has a tendency to filter our view of other people if we’re not careful. It’s no wonder,… Keep Reading…

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