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    What Factors Increase a Business Credit Score?

    Businesses need to have impressive credit scores to get funds for things such as starting up, daily operations, or even expansion. However, most of them tend to neglect improving their credit score and suffer the consequences by finding it hard to access credit when they need it or having to pay high interest rates if… Keep Reading…

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    Anatoly Loktionov’s luxury lifestyle

    The ex-vice-president of the Rosneft company, Anatoly Gavrilovich Loktionov, allegedly used to sell oil and petroleum products abroad illegally for about ten years. He allegedly managed a safe scheme of laundering public money. The overall loss by the state from his sneaky moves is said to around 1.3 billion dollars. He is alleged to have… Keep Reading…

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    Stock Investment 101: How to Choose an Online Broker

    Today, one of the best ways to grow your savings is through investments. That entails partnering up with the stock broker who will prioritise your financial goals. They will help you get the most out of what you have invested, either in bonds, mutual funds, or in enterprises. Indeed, choosing the right brokerage firm is… Keep Reading…

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    Don’t Let Debt Hurt Your Life – Here is How to Avoid It

    Credit card debt is crippling around the world with plenty of people in a financial hardship that might take a decade to overcome. According to ElitePersonalFinance the total US consumer debt currently sits at over 4 trillion and has increased nearly 21% over the last four years.  This is a staggering number to say the… Keep Reading…

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    Loans after Bankruptcy in Canada

    Can You Get a Loan after Bankruptcy Discharge? While it was a difficult decision to make, you determined that filing for a personal bankruptcy was the only practical way to get back on your financial feet. Now that the bankruptcy is discharged, what’s your next step? For many people, it’s starting to repair their damaged… Keep Reading…

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    What You Need to Know on Avoiding PMI

    There is a lot that goes into buying a home for the first. Most new buyers will have a sense of anxiety and fear as they begin the process of looking for a home, applying for a mortgage, and going through the waiting process. Once the buyer gets to closing, they will receive a packet… Keep Reading…

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    Best Digital Wallets and Tips How to Build Them

    Can you imagine your life without ordering products online and have them delivered into your place? E-commerce is so widespread and popular that digital payment platforms are in great demand as well. In due time we will discuss ways to create a bitcoin wallet app, and right now let’s see what that digital stuff is… Keep Reading…

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    Real Estate Market Cycles Explained in Simple Language

    If you want to get into the real estate investment game, then you’re going to need to understand real estate market cycles. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the housing cycle, just an explainer in simple language. So, we’ll cut out the technical nonsense. Ready to learn about the real estate market… Keep Reading…

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    How to Build and Investment Plan That Works For You

    Investment plans are one of the most popular ways to generate wealth and have a secure financial background. In the most general sense, the act of investment is to allocated and distribute certain amounts of money in particular schemes and investment products with the hope and expectancy of getting gains and profits in the future…. Keep Reading…

  • The Most Important Things to Avoid When Being Contacted by IC Systems
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    The Most Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Responding to IC Systems

    If you’ve recently received either a letter or phone call from IC Systems, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the proper steps to take next. Since the company exists to help facilitate financial resolutions between their clients and consumers, you will find that your interactions with them can be helpful and productive if you’re proactive…. Keep Reading…

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    Sahm Adrangi Issues Negative Report on Qualcomm Inc

    A recent report by Kerrisdale Capital predicts that Qualcomm Inc will lose its legal battle against the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Kerrisdale’s Chief Investment Officer Sahm Adrangi predicts that the company is about to hit rock bottom, which will result in a massive plummet in share prices.   Qualcomm is a U.S. corporate giant… Keep Reading…

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