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    Celebrities Who Love Wearing False Eyelashes

    It’s easy to get jealous and envious when scrolling down the Instagram feed of your favorite celebrity. Their amazing hair, clothes, and makeup can definitely make you feel inferior. But what if I told you that you can achieve the same look as your favorite celebrity with the help of false eyelashes? It’s true. Celebrities… Keep Reading…

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    Your Guide to Anger Therapy

    Anger is a normal and healthy emotion – it is neither good nor bad. Just like any other feeling, anger is a form of communication where your body is signaling that the situation is either unjust, upsetting or threatening   However, the way you express our anger determines whether it will benefit you or not…. Keep Reading…

  • 3 Ways You Can Reduce Your Food Waste

    3 Ways You Can Reduce Your Food Waste

    While most people don’t intentionally waste food on a regular basis, between food that gets bought but not eaten or cooked and then thrown away, the average person winds up wasting a good portion of the food that they intended to eat. And although there are great options for reusing food that you aren’t going… Keep Reading…

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    In the Silence

    In the Silence A GFA World staff member’s perspective on learning to trust God in a season of silence STONEY CREEK, Ontario — Have you ever been at a place in your spiritual journey where you feel like you are stuck in place? You don’t feel enthusiasm or passion anymore and you go through the… Keep Reading…

  • Top Signs Your Dog is Sick

    Top Signs Your Dog is Sick

    If you have a dog or a new puppy, you must know they are animals, and they tend to get ill sometimes. Although you can deal with minor problems like fleas, learning to observe specific behaviors can help you determine the way forward. In the event your dog becomes ill, you will be able to… Keep Reading…

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    Bishop Rings: Another Big Thing in Fashion

    We all want something out there when it comes to fashion. It helps us stand out, gain recognition as sharp dressers, draw in attention, and, ultimately, feel good. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of jewelry since a little piece of metal can make or break your entire look. When picking accessories, besides considering how well… Keep Reading…

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    What to Consider Before Renting a Luxury Vehicle

    There are times when you will need to rent a luxury vehicle. It is important to pick the right one for you and price should not be your only deciding factor. The car must fulfil its purpose and offer value for money. Luxury cars come equipped with all kinds of cool features, so be careful… Keep Reading…

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    The Ins and Outs of the Halal Diet

    If you’re a person who puts a lot of thought into religious matters, then you may have heard of halal diets. Halal diets, in a nutshell, are those that revolve around Islamic dietary restrictions that are in place. These laws essentially determine which foods are under the halal classification. These food items are suitable for… Keep Reading…

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    Best Dog Breeds for Family Pets

    Dogs make excellent family pets. They’re easy to train animals that offer many hours of loving companionship for adults and children alike. One of the most amazing things about dogs is they come in so many types. Parents can feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right dog breed for their personal circumstances. Some… Keep Reading…

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    Hobbies to Keep You Sane During the Quarantine

    Right now, there are several people all around the world who are beginning to feel a little bit crazy. Many of us have been forced to stay indoors for the longest amount of time without going outside.  This is all a result of the global quarantine that is taking effect in countries around the world…. Keep Reading…

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