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    Bronwyn Koopman Promoted to President of Bristol West®

    On February 6, 2020, Farmers Insurance®, one of America’s largest insurance groups, named Bronwyn Koopman as the new president of Bristol West®. She replaces Eric Kappler who was promoted to the position of chief product officer for Farmers®.  Prior to being elevated to the role of President, Koopman served as the Head of Central Zone… Keep Reading…

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    The Importance of Customer Service For Business Owners

    Customer service is probably an area that most people reading this have had a job in. Whether it’s through being a cashier or busboy, or working in an inbound call center, it’s a big part of every business. Pretty much every job where you need to interact with customers is a customer service job. This… Keep Reading…

  • 6 Tips for Buying a Car During COVID-19

    6 Tips for Buying a Car During COVID-19

    Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, certain activities continue to be essential and necessary. Whether your lease is about to expire or you just need transportation, you might find yourself in the position where you need to buy a car during the pandemic. As many other things have changed, there are changes to the car buying… Keep Reading…

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    Why You Should Pay Attention To Technical SEO

    Business owners everywhere are constantly being told that they should be paying more attention to their digital operations. The internet, we are told, is the future of commerce and thus deserves more and more of our attention with each passing day. Many business owners have thus invested huge sums of money into complex digital operations,… Keep Reading…

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    Germany has become the Third largest Market for Cannabis outside North America

    With Germany becoming the third largest market outside North America for Cannabis, what can other European countries learn from them in this developing industry? A Work in Progress The year 2019 saw Germany enter the podium of countries in the industry of cannabis. That comes two years after Germany legalized the use of cannabis based… Keep Reading…

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    Get Free Instagram Followers With GetInsta App

    Do you want to become a social media celebrity through personal exposure? Are you looking for ways and means to give your business or services an immense boost? You surely want to get followers on Instagram and more likes to your posts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand or a person looking for… Keep Reading…

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    Coronavirus Made Websites the Number One Tool Again

    With most people on lockdown, suddenly websites matter more than at any other time before. When the only visibility you have is virtual (office closed), you need for people to be able to find you in the World Wide Web alleys and avenues. To do that, you need keywords that relate precisely to what you… Keep Reading…

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    Heights Garage Door Repair Houston Offers Installation and Repair Services for Automatic Garage Doors

    Heights Garage Door Repair Houston, a garage door repair Houston TX service provider that has built a reputation over the years recently expanded its range of services. The owners stated that they are now offering automatic garage door repair and installation services. With some of the best technicians of the industry in the team, the… Keep Reading…

  • 6 Gun Safety Laws You Need to Know

    6 Gun Safety Laws You Need to Know

    In the United States, it is legal to possess a firearm under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Although guns are legal, some safety laws have been put in place.    If you are thinking about purchasing a gun because of personal protection concerns or for sport like hunting or shooting competitions, it is important… Keep Reading…

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    Branding Ideas to Bring Your Employees Closer

    You can never overstate the importance of employee engagement. For a company that has less staff turnover is more productive, efficient, and better at retaining its customers. In turn, the entrepreneur makes better profits in the long run. But how can one use branding to keep employees more engaged in company operations? Check out these… Keep Reading…

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    The Most Common Conditions for Disability Claims

    Sadly, there are many people who end up disabled and cannot work. When someone ends up with a condition that prevents them from working and providing for their family, it is important to know where to turn for assistance. Sometimes, Social Security disability benefits can provide someone with either temporary or permanent benefits while individuals… Keep Reading…

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    How to Strengthen and Improve Your Credibility as an Attorney

    There are hundreds or even thousands of attorneys in the every speciality and field. While some attorneys make a name for themself with hard work and determination, others lag behind and work for their survival. Some attorneys shine and people who want to hire ask for them by name, while some just work behind the… Keep Reading…

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