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    The Newest Technology In Medical Adhesives

    Medicine keeps advancing. It’s keeping us all a little healthier. With the newest technology, our acute or chronic conditions are doing a lot better or disappearing all together. One advancement in medicine is truly saving lives. Advancements in medical adhesives have brought bones back together, have joined tissue, and have also improved wound care. Medical… Keep Reading…

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    Press Releases Are Changing

    As the digital juggernaut comes through and leaves the remnants of traditional marketing and PR methods in its wake, it isn’t a surprise that many people are questioning the usefulness of the supposedly dated medium. For something that has been a key point of companies relations with the media and the public for a number… Keep Reading…

  • Offshore Production And Drilling Platforms Working Together

    5 Trends in Offshore Oil and Gas Production

    The downturn in the oil market in 2014 had a significant impact on offshore drilling. Developing oil fields offshore is a complex and expensive project. Major companies shifted away from off shore oil and invested more heavily in shale drilling. Shale drilling, while more short-term, is cheap comparatively. In investments circles, offshore oil and gas… Keep Reading…

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    8 Ways to Market Your Small Business

    You have this amazing idea for a new start-up business. You go through all of the important steps and procedures to make your business a viable, legitimate entity. You start by developing your products or services to meet the needs of the niche market that you are aiming your product to. Then you register the… Keep Reading…

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    Technologies That Help Businesses Get An Edge In Sales

    Every single business needs a very strong sales team that uses the right tools in order to succeed. Unfortunately, competition is so high that it will be difficult to give sales edges. Fortunately, technology can always help. Here are some types that are going to help sales teams fight off competition while increasing sales. Social… Keep Reading…

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    Smart Ways to Increase Commercial Property Value

    For a long time, real estate has stood out as one of the most lucrative areas one could invest in. However, there are some tough challenges that one needs to overcome before they can successfully invest in this area and this is why some people find it difficult to venture. Real estate is a large… Keep Reading…

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    How to Increase the Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pages

    You spend a lot of time and money sending traffic to your website, right? Then wouldn’t it make sense to optimize your landing pages in order to convert a higher percentage of your traffic into leads and sales? CRO (conversion rate optimization) is something that all business owners need to turn their focus to, as… Keep Reading…

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    Where to Hunt for Ideas: Sources of Innovation

    Technology-related industries are especially sensitive to integrating innovation in their processes and routines. Among the companies that invest in innovation more than others are pharmaceutical, information technology (IT), automotive, airline, banking, food processing, semiconductors, and oil and gas organisations. However, the degree of innovativeness varies in technology-related industries from incremental to breakthrough technology changes. As… Keep Reading…

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    An Introduction to D. Gary Young: His Legacy

    Throughout his life, D. Gary Young fostered a love for learning how to harness all of the benefits of nature. He became passionate in particular about essential oils and the healing power they can offer to people who suffer from all types of health conditions. Thanks to his devotion to creating and offering essential oils… Keep Reading…

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