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    How are People Really Feeling About Working from Home?

    It’s strange to think that, just a year ago, working from home was a practice that only a handful of privileged workers were able to indulge in. It’s taken an unprecedented pandemic to force the hand of hesitant business leaders, and to propel millions of home workers into the wonderful world of telecommuting. Some workers… Keep Reading…

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    Office DIY Projects to Increase Productivity

    In the age of working from home, it’s more important than ever that we optimise our workspaces with productivity in mind. This might mean clearing desks, installing extra storage, or making sure that there’s a potted plant somewhere in our eyeline.  In many cases, noticeable improvements in productivity can be had without getting in a… Keep Reading…

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    Job prospects for expat spouses in France

    Moving to a new country is a big decision. Finding a job as an expat spouse can take some planning and effort. In addition to one’s qualifications, finding employment in a country like France generally requires additional skills. Here are some ideas to get you started on your job quest in France. The French job… Keep Reading…

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    Where Should You Be Publishing Your Online Professional Bio These Days?

    Over the last couple of decades, the world of business networking has been rapidly transitioning to digital platforms. Once the World Health Organization declared the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in March 2020, the transition was forced to accelerate to what seems to be a point of no return. The measures implemented to prevent contagion, which include postponing… Keep Reading…

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    The North Face CMO, Steve Lesnard, Shares Marketing Secrets on “Love This Podcast”

    Combining his knowledge of creating global branding campaigns in the athletic industry with a personal passion for sports and the outdoors, Steve Lesnard has flourished in his many roles at The North Face. Recently, he made waves by appearing on the “Love This Podcast” show and heading up a social justice campaign. Steve Lesnard Shares… Keep Reading…

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    Components of a Strong Disaster Recovery Plan

    Every business should have a disaster recovery plan in place—the global pandemic has proven that without a doubt. And with many parts of our world and daily lives still in turmoil, you don’t want to be at a loss of what to do next in the face of another disaster. Disasters including financial recessions, natural… Keep Reading…

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    Business Majors Opt for High Paying Jobs

    Image Source It’s all about money. It is the most common phrase you will hear around the entities revolving around a business. Business is a metaphor for overnight success as well as overnight failures. People have made their fortunes out of companies. They are living a luxurious life where there are no worries and hassles…. Keep Reading…

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    Just Getting By, or Thriving? 4 Strategies to Take Your Florida Business to the Next Level

    Everyone has grand ambitions for their business when they get things started. And that’s the right approach, since when it comes to business, the sky’s the limit. That’s especially the case in Florida, a state that has favorable business conditions. However, while ambition may be high, reality can turn out to be a little different…. Keep Reading…

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    What You Can Expect From an Accountant Job Online

    Online Accounting Jobs are many, but looking for a high salary especially if you have zero experience, is totally wrong. Understand the job needs, skills, and experience simultaneously to get hired for online accountancy projects. If you are looking for an accountant for your business, you probably have a list of boxes you want to… Keep Reading…

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    Blackbaud vs. Salesforce: Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

    Selecting the best donor management platform can pose a challenge for a nonprofit organization. Blackbaud has offered The Raiser’s Edge for over thirty years, and the next-generation, cloud-based Raiser’s Edge NXT is designed especially for social good organizations. Salesforce, maker of the leading customer relationship management software, introduced the Nonprofit Success Pack in 2005. Find… Keep Reading…

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    Leading Vehicle Shipping Website Launches Android App

    Technology is advancing the way we operate in daily life situations. Even auto transport industries are using technology as a means to help customers and reach more potential clients. If you are looking for auto transport services, you don’t need to look any further than your phone’s app store. Why have these companies begun using… Keep Reading…

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