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  • managed service provider
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    What to Do If Your IT Company Isn’t Fulfilling Their SLA’s During the Pandemic

    COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shakeup for businesses around the world. Although working from home was manageable for many companies, for others it became a logistical nightmare. A lot of businesses were unprepared for the extent of the lockdown.  Modern IT can be a minefield, particularly for those who aren’t technologically minded. An IT solutions… Keep Reading…

  • Daniel Snyder
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    Daniel Snyder: From Teenage Entrepreneur to Sports Mogul

    Daniel Snyder is an American businessman who started his entrepreneurial career as a teenager. Most well-known as being the controlling owner of the Washington Football Team of the National Football League (NFL), he previously founded Snyder Communications LP alongside his sister.   However, his business activities don’t end there. Dan Snyder is the owner of… Keep Reading…

  • Young Living
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    Young Living Contributes to Covid-19 Relief Efforts

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive health crisis across the world. Stories have emerged of tragedy and hardship not only from those who have fallen ill with the virus but also from those who have seen other parts of their lives affected. However, though stories of distress have been numerous, this time in world… Keep Reading…

  • 4 Benefits of Concrete Recycling

    4 Benefits of Concrete Recycling

    There is a large variety of structures being built every single day. While new ones get built, lots of them also get taken down and destroyed so there is room to build new things. As you can imagine, the destruction of a structure can leave a lot of debris and concrete behind. Luckily, people have… Keep Reading…

  • Things to Consider In Your Home Remodel

    Things to Consider In Your Home Remodel

    There are many individuals that may certainly exercise the option to do a full remodeling of their home. Just as with most things in life, a remodeling of your home requires proper strategy and execution for good results. However, there are quite a few things to be considered. In this piece, we will summarize the… Keep Reading…

  • The Importance of Battery Watering

    The Importance of Battery Watering

    Battery watering is primarily adding water to a battery to dilute the lead-acid, and prevent premature battery failure. It would be best if you watered your battery after it is fully charged because the battery water is high at this point, and should be added until it is full. When you add water to your… Keep Reading…

  • IT service continuity
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    Why IT Service Continuity Is Just as Important as Business Continuity Right Now

    For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized their operations. Now is the time to assess your business’s response to the pandemic and address areas that have caused issues during this challenging time.  While your company’s business continuity processes may have stood up to the test, your IT service continuity may have let you down…. Keep Reading…

  • Tips for Improving Your Engine’s Performance

    Tips for Improving Your Engine’s Performance

    Everyone needs their car to drive faster, and this can only be achieved by boosting engine power. Engines involve turning mechanical energy into motion. Boosting the engine performance of your vehicle gives it more power. Most people lack skills, space, and tools for various maintenance upgrades, including improving the exhaust system’s performance and installing fuel… Keep Reading…

  • What To Know About IRS Appeals

    What To Know About IRS Appeals

    If there is one thing most people do not want to confront during their lives, it is an IRS audit. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the audit, you could suddenly find yourself being expected to pay the IRS thousands of dollars. While you may believe the IRS is all-powerful and you would never stand a… Keep Reading…

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