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    To Be Quarantined or Not Quarantined: That Is the Question in France

    There is confusion on who would be quarantined upon arrival in France this summer. French officials say no quarantine for EU members and Britons, directly contradicting France health Minister’s statement. A Difficult Time to Enter into France The travel and tourism industries have been some of the most afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic. France is… Keep Reading…

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    In Annecy and Chambéry: Video Surveillance and Neighbourhood Watch

    When April came around, the cities of Annecy and Chambéry decided to use video surveillance to make sure the lockdown period was respected, but also received help from concerned citizens. Video Surveillance for Groups and Park Visitors In Savoie and Haute-Savoie, authorities have made good use of the previously installed surveillance cameras during the coronavirus… Keep Reading…

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    Air France Receives a 7 Billion Euros Loan by the French Government

    In what is an extremely difficult financial context for all companies in the tourism industry, Air France asked the French government to help them by injecting some cash flow into the company. They received a positive answer which will see them benefit from a 7 billion euros loan. However, there will be an environmental counterpart,… Keep Reading…

  • American Zoos Shut Down Due To Coronavirus

    American Zoos Shut Down Due To Coronavirus

    Zoos across the country are being temporarily shut down due to fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the globe. The guidance being issued to zoos and other institutions around the nation varies widely, as different states and localities offer differing advice based on their local circumstances. Nevertheless, zoos across most of the country have already… Keep Reading…

  • Boating Tips During COVID-19

    Boating Tips During COVID-19

    Everyone in the world is navigating uncharted waters amid Covid-19. As businesses begin to re-open so will some parks and waterways. As we make our way towards a new normal, we must take precautionary measures for a safe boating season. If you are seeking medical advice, contact your medical professional. The tips contained in this… Keep Reading…

  • How COVID-19 Will Impact the Travel Industry

    How COVID-19 Will Impact the Travel Industry

    As a result of COVID-19 hitting the whole world hard, many countries have imposed travel bans, quarantines, and other restrictions for their citizens. With over one million people infected and more than 50,000 dead across the globe, some countries have even implemented global travel restrictions to foreign countries or barred their citizens from traveling abroad…. Keep Reading…

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    The Aftershock of the Coronavirus on the Tourism Industry

    Here they come… In what promises to be worse than a horror movie, the tourism industry is clearly showing how it is struggling with the effects of the coronavirus. And this is only the beginning; as most of the countries starting to get out of the confinement period have still placed on pause most of… Keep Reading…

  • 5 Unique Vacation Experiences Perfect for Families

    5 Unique Vacation Experiences Perfect for Families

    A vacation is a great chance to let down your hair and totally relax. Family vacations offer even more fun. If you are thinking about getting away with your family, you’ll want to be somewhere special. There are lots of amazing places to see that every member of your family will love. Look for unique… Keep Reading…

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    Could Seeking Healthcare Abroad Work Out to be More Affordable?

    As the popularity of medical tourism continues to rise, there are more and more reasons for people to travel for their medical treatment. From shorter waiting lists to state-of-the-art equipment sometimes travelling is your only option. In this article, we will be looking into healthcare abroad and the ways it can be more affordable for… Keep Reading…

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    6 Best Snorkelling Destinations In Europe To Visit

    Snorkelling is a sport that has gained in popularity over the years and the hunt for the perfect destination is on. Whether it is a trip to Spain or a flight to Greece, numerous locations can provide you with outstanding experiences. So, before you begin to renew your European health card and booking plain flights,… Keep Reading…

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