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    Housing in Ireland Is Worse Than We Thought

    For many years, Ireland was known for its plentiful, affordable housing with scenic views worthy of a dream home. At one point, Ireland was among the countries with the highest homeownership rates. Ireland is recovering from the recession, but those hit the hardest are still picking up the pieces, and it’s not the homeowners. A… Keep Reading…

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    Tips And Tricks To Keep You Safe While Traveling

    While crimes and accidents can happen anywhere, it is even more stressful if we are scammed somewhere far from home. Getting caught with your guard down can ruin your entire experience.  Do Your Research Check your country’s government website for any warnings about visiting other countries. For example, the U.S. Department of State lists countries… Keep Reading…

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    4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

    Cruises have become an immensely popular vacation choice. They allow vacationers to visit multiple destinations while enjoying the travel time in between, making it easy for those who don’t want the stress of planning their own itinerary.  Cruises vary in prices, with itineraries ranging from two days all the way up to 15 days. Looking… Keep Reading…

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    6 Common Mistakes a Tourist Makes When Traveling

    Everyone makes mistakes, but the most common errors we make while traveling are sometimes inevitable. Even though occasionally these mishaps make the experience of traveling a great one, it’s also better to avoid some of these mistakes. Having an Over-zealous Plan It’s not a bad thing to have a well-planned itinerary, but having a full… Keep Reading…

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    How to eat, drink and stay healthy while traveling

    It is a common saying that traveling is medicine for your soul. For people who are working on regular day jobs, a prospect at traveling the world might seem really exciting and out of the box. It gives them a chance to explore new destinations and possibilities. But traveling, especially regularly, may not be as… Keep Reading…

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    7 Reasons To Visit Milan This Fall

    They say that Venice and Rome are the two most beautiful cities in Italy. What you forget is that Milan is an even bigger contender. Milan is not only a beautiful place to visit but it is known as the fashion capital of Italy. The entire city is filled with historic fashion houses. Also, let’s… Keep Reading…

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    Travel Still Safe in Much of Middle East, Despite Iran Ban

    Despite bans preventing U.S. travel for Iranians and citizens of four other primarily Muslim countries and U.S. State Department “do not travel” advisories for U.S. citizens traveling to similar countries, travel is still safe in much of the Middle East. For example, the State Department rates Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and some of Jordan, as Level… Keep Reading…

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    inCruises Company Review

    The face of travel has changed a lot over recent years. There are so many options out there, and there are so many ways for people to explore and book their own experiences. It is a great time to see the world! With any good thing, though, you have to ask if there can be… Keep Reading…

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    Unique Places to Travel to This Summer

    The world is full of unique destinations to travel, both abroad and in a person’s own country. However, many places aren’t well-known, so they don’t receive as much hype as others. People end up traveling to the same tourist destinations that everyone else does. Lesser-known destinations don’t receive nearly the recognition they should, though. Had… Keep Reading…

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    4 Reasons Your Dream Vacation Starts in Barcelona

    Barcelona is the gateway to the land of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. It is a European city steeped in both ancient traditions and blazing new fashion and artistic trends. The ancient Romans conquered the area over two thousand years ago for the mineral wealth it contained. But they stayed on long after the local… Keep Reading…

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