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    Michael Nierenberg Shares 2020 Predictions for Real Estate Investing

    Wise investors know that the most profitable financial moves are made when changes occur in the marketplace. Investors ultimately compete with other participants to obtain the best assets, but there are generally fewer investors to compete against in markets that are relatively new or markets that experience significant disruption. Consequently, market changes that are likely… Keep Reading…

  • John Goullet

    John Goullet: Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the professional’s Facebook and a sure-fire way to get yourself noticed by companies and recruiters. Don’t believe it? Just ask entrepreneur and Diversant Chairman John Goullet. Having worked in the IT staffing industry for over 25 years, John Goullet is an expert on perfecting one’s personal brand, networking with top-level executives and companies,… Keep Reading…

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    MAGFAST Fingerprint™: The MAGFAST Charger Family’s Hottest New Feature

    MAGFAST is a rapidly growing tech company run by CEO Seymour Segnit and a team dedicated to transforming the way people charge electronic devices by manufacturing and distributing the world’s greenest and most versatile electronic chargers. The MAGFAST Family The MAGFAST Family of chargers features products that provide charging solutions for home, work, and on the… Keep Reading…

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    Raffaele Riva: How Instinct Drives Success

    Raffaele Riva is perhaps the living definition of a man who has pursued his passion and let his instinct and intuition lead him to corporate success.  An international businessman specialized in financial services and tailored financial products for global clients, such as estate and wealth planning, asset management, trust investments, real estate, and related areas…. Keep Reading…

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    All About Working Capital Loan

    There comes a time in a business when additional funding may be required. With things changing so rapidly all around the globe, many companies may face a financial blockade in some situations. Many loans can take to make your organization pull through this difficult time. A good option for that type of loan is a… Keep Reading…

  • Styling Your Four-Poster Beds

    How to Style Your Four-Poster Beds?

    We all know how heavenly these four-poster beds look in the movies and palaces, but if you want one in your home, you can surely arrange for that too! Now, the shape and the materials have improved over time from a massively ornate oak bed to velvets, embroidery, and silks.  So, these days the four-poster bed is… Keep Reading…

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    The Importance of Biodegradable Lubricants

    Biodegradable lubricants have the ability to breakdown by means of biological organisms. They are non-toxic oils and as a base some are derived from vegetable, rape, sunflower, synthetic esters oils. What are the Benefits of Biodegradable Lubricants? Lubricating oils are used in numerous ways across a multitude of industries. Usually, Lubricants are used in machinery… Keep Reading…

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    Herbal Healing: 5 Powerful Medicinal Plants

    Looking for the best plants for herbal healing? Wondering which medicinal plants you need to know about? While modern medicines are used and abused in this day and age, many people are turning to the natural world. Luckily, there are a lot of interesting plants out there that offer medicinal benefits, and if you know… Keep Reading…

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    Social Security Benefits Payments Rise 1.6%

    There’s some good news for anyone receiving Social Security disability benefits: Benefits are increasing by 1.6% beginning this year. According to the latest figures, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are going to increase for nearly 69 million Americans in 2020. This increased number has already started rolling out for Social Security benefits… Keep Reading…

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    How to Dress for Men: 4 Tips for Looking Fashionable

    Are you looking for tips on men’s fashion but don’t know where to start? The best place to begin defining your style is your own closet. Once you know what you like and how your clothes make you feel, you can buy new pieces and learn how to combine them. Whether you’re a sporty, formal,… Keep Reading…

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