How To Travel in The Pandemic with Your Baby

How To Travel in The Pandemic with Your Baby

The pandemic may have dropped off the news given more recent events like the Russo-Ukrainian War, but it is still out there and killing people every day. In fact, places like South Korea which have previously been unaffected by the pandemic are being hit incredibly hard.

Consequently, it is still reasonable to worry about COVID when travelling with your baby. And even if you are not concerned about COVID exactly, you should still be concerned about your baby getting infected with something else. Babies get sick all the time, as their immune systems are still developing. You should thus take general precautions against all illnesses to ensure a safe and happy trip. Here are a few small tips to improve your baby’s physical and your mental health.

Do your Destination Research

We should all know by now that different states and countries have different restrictions about COVID, so it is important to know everything there is about your destination.

First, check the status of COVID in your planned destination. Traveling to South Korea right now, while possible, is probably not a good idea. A more southern country where you would be spending a great deal of time outdoors is probably your best bet for the time being.

Second, understand what restrictions are in place, such as vaccination and negative tests. Keep in mind that the requirements for entry into the country may differ from entry into businesses and restaurants. When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution instead of finding yourself urgently needing some document at the last moment.

Get Travel Insurance

If you are travelling abroad, your health insurance may not cover you if you or your baby get sick overseas. It is thus crucial for that reason to get travel insurance, which can help pay for medical care overseas.

Furthermore, travel insurance helps cover a wider range of mishaps, such as lost luggage, last-minute cancellations, or injuries. That way, if your baby gets sick right before the trip, you can cancel it without having to worry about losing what you paid for the trip. It is also a good idea to get an idea of what medical care will be like in your destination country, as well as what to do if you or your baby falls ill.

Have the Best Equipment

You always want the best things to keep your baby safe, such as Clek baby seats. But to keep your baby safe against COVID, other equipment will be needed.

Make sure to bring masks and wipes. Use the wipes to wipe down surfaces in your airplane seat, the hotel, and other places. Baby love to grab everything, so you should prepare for that accordingly. As for masks, wear them when going outside before the trip and even at home. The goal is not to avoid getting sick at home, but rather for the baby to get used to wearing the mask indoors. Also bring plenty of toys so the baby does not grab other unsanitary objects.

Traveling with a baby can certainly be challenging, but that does not mean you have to stay home. By taking the appropriate precautions, you can have a safe, exciting time abroad. 

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