Popular Ways of Traveling Around America

The United States of America offers many magnificent travel destinations and detours to explore. Whether you’re an American native or came from another country to travel around America, the major part of exploring this country is deciding on the suitable transport. 

Popular Ways of Travelling Around America

Although flying is the most cost-effective way of traveling around America, there are several other ways that you can easily use to have a smooth and fun ride. Whether you’ve your eyes set on the Statue of Liberty or want to witness the magical moon above the Golden Gate Bridge, some of the best and most feasible transport on our list can get you there in time and without any issues. Let’s have a look at them! 

1. Bus

Buses are the most famous ways to travel around America. For individuals who like to travel alone and make a lot of stops mid-way, a bus is the best and cheapest means of transportation. For example, Greyhound, the largest intercity bus service in the US, links all major cities and towns. These buses run according to a timetable and stop only for the driver changeovers and meal breaks. On shorter journeys, average fares are about 25¢ per mile. Other famous operators include, 

  • Trailways – Its regional divisions cover a few parts of the country more comprehensively.
  • Megabus – Its affordable service covers the Midwest, Northeast, and Green Tortoise Adventure Travel. 

2. Plane

Despite the most American airlines providing some good discounted packages for traveling around the country, some of them still offer you unappealing costs, including JetBlue and Southwest. As the costs of air-fuel are escalating at an even higher rate than the petrol costs, most airlines are jacking up the prices across the board and demand customers to pay for mainstream services.

Resultantly, jet travel is no longer the first choice of travelers in America. To get some discounts on these prices, you must make a reservation, almost three weeks before you’re supposed to fly by air and try to plan your venture in the not-so-high season. Nonetheless, in comparison with a train, a plane is still an affordable option but costs more than a bus. Therefore, it’ll only be a popular way to travel around the country, but not a first choice!

3. Car

For most people, the unreal concept of cruising down the highway, in a Cabriolet with their favorite song blasting on the radio, is one of the main reasons to travel around America. It is also one of the most popular ways to commute in America, mainly because the roads beautifully display the picture of romantic road movies. A major reason for choosing a car to experience the USA is the ability to choose your itinerary, which gives you more freedom to explore different breathtaking landscapes that may remain one of your most beautiful memories of the country. 

However, the experience of driving in the cities may not be as hair-raising as the ones in The Grand Canyon or Denali. Yet, they can move you around the city way faster than most public transport, including trains and buses. Also, many urban areas in the west have significantly developed since the invention of cars. You can find a car almost everywhere. For example, in Houston and Los Angeles, your hotel may be twenty miles away from the target travel destination. 

4. Hitchhiking

In case you don’t have a car, falling short on money, or are just want to experience the local vibe and travel like your grandpa, we suggest you hitchhike around America. It’s a relatively safe means of transportation. However, each state, town, and city in the US works under different hitchhiking laws. In most cases, if you stay off the highway in a place where cars can safely pull over, there will be no problem and you’ll be hitchhiking legally.  Therefore, do the following before setting on your hitchhiking journey around America. 

  • Don’t pack extra stuff and only carry some necessary supplies and gear with you, in case you get stranded. Only pack a bag that’s suitable for a three-day hike, such as a raincoat, a light jacket, a stocking hat, and more socks and boots. 
  • As hitchhiking is looked down upon by many people as a cheap transport, get your mind ready before heading on to your venture. Make to promise to yourself, to never give up and develop strong self-belief. 
  • Most people recognize the hitchhikers with a specific dress. Therefore, dress according to the area and that’ll improve your luck. 

5. Train

Traveling around America, and that too through a train might not be the fastest way to discover the country, but is a good option if you want to experience a laid-back and relaxing ride. An American passenger railroad service, Amtrak, can make you travel around the country for as little as $197 (around €162 and £144) if you book in advance.

The USA possesses the best rail network for visitors (both national and international). Although it doesn’t come at par with the European standards, it’ll surely take you to all the famous and travel-worthy cities, towns, and famous parks, at the comfort of affordable prices. 

6. Cycling

With every passing day, Cycling is becoming one of the top priorities of travelers. As most people are going-green, they also prefer to travel green on cycles, rather than the congested vehicles that promote pollution. Additionally, travelers are experiencing different modes of transportation and no one wants to travel while being stuck in a for-windowed vehicle. Because of both these reasons, people prefer to cycle their way around America. Also, San Francisco is the favorite destination of cycling lovers, as the city had been crowned as the most bicycle-friendly city in 2021.

7. Tour Packages


An exciting way to witness some of America’s famous outdoors is to sign up for some special touring and adventure packaging, which includes accommodation, food, transport, and a guide. This is a feasible travel option for both national and international travelers. You can take help from many companies that’d provide you with a lot of travel benefits. One of the famous companies that provide these services is Trek America which carries small groups of people in minibusses and uses a fun combination of camping and budget hotels.

 Generally, these companies concentrate in West America, and the stay lasts from seven days to five weeks. Excluding the transatlantic flights, the average rates for a week are £620 in the low season and can go up to £930 in the high season, which is midsummer. This is mostly preferred by many young travelers, who want to meet new people, make new friends, and do something out of the ordinary.

Travel Around America – with Easy and Smooth Rides

Whether you are looking for a magnificent multi-day adventure in national parks or looking to witness the astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean in the US, each road trip requires you to decide on an ideal means of transport. Exploring the modes of transportation during travel is an exciting way to discover a new country or city. Depending on your target travel destination and what type of experience you’re looking for, we recommend not relying on the mainstream traveling methods, trying as many transportation means as you can, and having the time of your life!

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