7 Common Pest Control Problems Occurring During the Spring

7 Common Pest Control Problems Occurring During the Spring

The arrival of spring makes us think of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the sun shining. However, warmer weather also ushers in the season of pests pestering. When it comes to keeping your property protected, knowing what’s about to invade is half the battle. This guide to seven common pest control problems in the spring will help you to be prepared!

1. Stink Bugs

While stink bugs aren’t known to spread disease or illness, they can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Stink bugs are also notorious crop destroyers. They can damage greenery by sucking sap from trees to destroy blossoms, buds, and fruit. Stink bugs can also kill seedlings before they get the opportunity to mature.

2. Ants

As any homeowner probably knows, the ants come marching in with the arrival of spring! Once the days get longer, ants begin their foraging process. Ants that feel squeezed by their rapidly expanding colonies during the breeding season may spread out to find food. The easy-to-access crumbs found in homes are irresistible to hungry ants.

3. Spiders

Spiders can be found in the typical American home all year long. However, you may be more likely to encounter spiders in the spring and summer because these are the seasons when you’re spending more time on your porch or patio. You may also be venturing into your garage, attic, or basement more as you begin spring cleaning. Because spiders help to control other pest populations, the presence of spiders in your home isn’t necessarily a problem. It can even be a good thing because spiders can help to balance your home’s ecosystem. However, a larger-than-usual population of spiders could indicate that your home is being overrun by prey insects that are food sources for spiders.

4. Flies

There’s nothing better than opening up your windows and doors to let in the warm, fresh air after a long winter of being cooped up! However, it’s usually not long before people begin to hear the unwanted droning of flies buzzing all around their homes. Unfortunately, the common housefly can carry a variety of pathogens that are dangerous to humans. Houseflies can even spread food poisoning and dysentery.

5. Bedbugs

While bedbugs can linger in bedding and other soft surfaces all year long, warmer weather that inspires people to take more vacations can increase the risk of bringing bedbugs home! Bedbugs are present in all 50 states. According to some reports, bedbug bites are on the rise at both domestic and international hotels. If bedbugs are present at a hotel or rental home, they can easily be transferred back to your home in your luggage. That means that a relaxing spring or summer trip this year could inadvertently become the start of a bedbug infestation.

6. Mice

Many people are surprised when their peaceful and still summer nights are disrupted by little squeaks because they assume that mice only sneak inside during winter to stay warm. In reality, mice infestations can happen all year long. As the weather turns warm, mice look for shelter away from all of the predators that are waking up to prowl during the busy spring mating season. As springtime temperatures heat up, mice also like to slip into cool homes to escape the heat!

7. Roaches

After a period of hibernation in the winter, roaches come out in full force in the spring. With roaches being attracted to moisture, homes with high humidity or drainage issues are most vulnerable to roach infestations unless control measures are taken. Unfortunately, roaches carry a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans. While they don’t bite, roaches do frequently burrow into food. When germs and bacteria carried by cockroaches get deposited onto human or pet food, this can result in the spread of salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Roaches can also carry dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever.

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