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    Voter Registration Charges Intensify On Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

    By Paul Hughes Washington,DC(RushPRnews)10/24/08–Both sides in the election fraud scandal sweeping this year’s presidential election have stepped up their charges against each other, with Republicans calling the grassroots civil rights group ACORN Communist and liberals such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accusing the GOP of systematically removing registered Democrats from the election rolls. Keep Reading…

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    McCain, Obama Gear Up for Final Presidential Debate

     Final Debate is Set To Focus on Domestic Affairs Forum to be moderated by CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Shieffer By Paul Hughes Los Angeles, Calif.(RushPRnews)10/14/2008–Domestic issues are expected to dominate Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate as the two candidates try to make clear their stands on such concerns as health care reform and… Keep Reading…

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    No K.O. In McCain, Obama Final Presidential Spar

    By Paul Hughes With McCain on the offensive, Obama remains cool HEMPSTEAD,New York(RUSHPRNEWS)10/16/08–Republican John McCain launched a vigorous attack against Democrat Barack Obama Wednesday in a spirited third and final debate before the presidential election Nov. 4, telling the Illinois senator, “I am not President Bush” at one point, a statement almost immediately refuted by… Keep Reading…