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    Connecticut Hospital Suffers Ransomware Attack

    Ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations are on the rise as their systems become a target for malicious actors. Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, is one of the most recent victims of a ransomware incident. The ransomware attack on Griffin Hospital took place on Nov. 16 and was part of a larger incident that targeted,… Keep Reading…

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    Kitchen Trends in 2021

    The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place where your whole family will gather, you will try new recipes, and you’ll host friends and family members. However, designing such an important space can be challenging and expensive, especially without proper guidance.  It is helpful to get professional consultations that can help… Keep Reading…

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    How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from Catering

    Catered events are still happening amidst the uncertainty of the world right now, but the way these events are happening is different than before. People will be looking for caterers for smaller weddings, work events, and parties, and this is the perfect way you can expand your business.  Online food ordering is also more common… Keep Reading…

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    Thriving in Challenging Times: 4 Ways F.H. Cann & Associates Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

    Businesses 2020 were hit with shock waves when the pandemic literally shut everything down. Marketing, manufacturing, distribution, customer support, and every other department of many companies in the United States were tried beyond breaking point. While a few companies thrived under these unique circumstances, many other companies lost clients and customers and had to shut… Keep Reading…

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    How to Winterize Your Boat

    Freezing conditions can spoil a beautiful boating experience in winter. If you are a boat owner who lives in deep freeze states such as Wisconsin and Michigan, you need to winterize your boat to protect the value of your investment.  As the receding summer paves the way for winter, you need to pay close attention… Keep Reading…

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    Is a Bigger Water Heater Always Better?

    When it comes to choosing a hot water tank, many would seriously consider the motto “Bigger is Better”. Surely that means that you’ll have enough hot water for your every need- and it will ALWAYS be there for you when you want it, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. There are a few more… Keep Reading…

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    Ways to Remove a Dent from Your Car

    Dents in the bodywork of your car can be pretty unsightly and frustrating. No one wants to drive around in a car full of dents. No matter how they got there, you’ll want to remove them in a way that’s straightforward and doesn’t damage the paintwork of the car. Not only is this possible to… Keep Reading…

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    5 Major Data Breaches of 2020

    Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with their cybersecurity—and with good reason. A study conducted by an assistant professor from the University of Maryland discovered that a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds, equating to 2,244 hacking attacks per day. Moreover, according to IBM, in 2019, it took victims of cybercrime around 206 days before they… Keep Reading…

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    Components of a Strong Disaster Recovery Plan

    Every business should have a disaster recovery plan in place—the global pandemic has proven that without a doubt. And with many parts of our world and daily lives still in turmoil, you don’t want to be at a loss of what to do next in the face of another disaster. Disasters including financial recessions, natural… Keep Reading…

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