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    Just Getting By, or Thriving? 4 Strategies to Take Your Florida Business to the Next Level

    Everyone has grand ambitions for their business when they get things started. And that’s the right approach, since when it comes to business, the sky’s the limit. That’s especially the case in Florida, a state that has favorable business conditions. However, while ambition may be high, reality can turn out to be a little different…. Keep Reading…

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    What to Do If Your IT Company Isn’t Fulfilling Their SLA’s During the Pandemic

    COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shakeup for businesses around the world. Although working from home was manageable for many companies, for others it became a logistical nightmare. A lot of businesses were unprepared for the extent of the lockdown.  Modern IT can be a minefield, particularly for those who aren’t technologically minded. An IT solutions… Keep Reading…

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    Why IT Service Continuity Is Just as Important as Business Continuity Right Now

    For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized their operations. Now is the time to assess your business’s response to the pandemic and address areas that have caused issues during this challenging time.  While your company’s business continuity processes may have stood up to the test, your IT service continuity may have let you down…. Keep Reading…

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    7 Trending Features for Your Kitchen Remodel

    Every home needs a good, functional kitchen. If your kitchen is looking tired after years of wear and tear, you may be thinking about getting it remodeled. Whether it’s a complete kitchen overhaul, or a simple refresher for a tired kitchen with a dated color scheme, a remodel can breathe new life into the space… Keep Reading…

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    How Essential Manufacturing Companies Are Keeping Up with Increased Coronavirus Demand

    One of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increased demand for essential products such as food and medicines. This has put a strain on retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers.   With many bare shelves on essential items such as toilet paper, pasta, and other goods at the start of the pandemic, manufacturers… Keep Reading…

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    3 Red Flags That Your Business Needs Better IT Resources

    There is no doubt that, in the modern world, digital technology is more important than ever. It is a central part of the lives of billions of people. This is even more true for businesses in the modern world. After all, businesses that don’t embrace digital technology are likely to find themselves left behind by… Keep Reading…

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    How Will COVID-19 Affect the MCAT Test?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe in unprecedented fashion and impacted almost every aspect of daily life. As a result of this deadly virus, many academic facilities, including schools, colleges and universities, have had to close their doors for the foreseeable future.  These closures have meant that almost all exams have been cancelled, including… Keep Reading…

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    How Landlords and Tenants Can Support Each Other During Coronavirus Struggles

    There’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety currently lingering throughout the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Never in our lifetimes have we seen a disease that has brought the entire world to such a standstill. Because of the unprecedented crisis we’re facing, it’s normal that there have been repercussions felt within the economy. These… Keep Reading…

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    Everything You Should Know About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

    Every year, thousands of people get injured at home, at work, while on vacation, and even during routine tasks like shopping for groceries. Some accidents are purely due to bad luck, but many are the fault of a negligent third party. When such injuries occur, this opens the door to a personal injury case. Personal… Keep Reading…

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    What Trump’s Proposed Cuts on Social Security Disability Mean for Disability Recipients

    President Trump’s fiscal budget for 2021, released earlier this month, proposed Social Security cuts across the board, but especially significant reductions in terms of Social Security Disability Insurance. The proposals would encourage those receiving disability benefits to leave the system by returning to work (although this is in reality unlikely to be effective), and they… Keep Reading…

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    How Employers Should Respond to News about the Coronavirus

    With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire through China and the number of cases arising around the world, many companies are now asking themselves how they can respond to protect their customers, employees, and financial interests.  Currently, the focus is on how public health agencies should respond, but the business sector will need to adopt contingency… Keep Reading…

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