David Sylvester Hits the Road Again for 3rd Charitable Cross Continental Bicycle Adventure

The Silk RouteDavid Sylvester Hits the Road Again for 3rd Charitable Cross Continental Bicycle Adventure

New York, NY (rushprnews) April 24, 2007 -Last September, before leaving for my 3rd charitable cross continental bicycle ride in South America, I was hit by an underage drunk driver.  Injuries from the five-car crash included a concussion, bone contusions, corneal abrasions, cuts and scrapes, whiplash, and the 2-inch tilt steering knob becoming lodged in my knee.  Despite this, my will and spirit only got dinged up a little. But I can not stop.

“I know that whatever you eventually decide to do next will be groundbreaking. You have already been an inspiration to many. The journey continues.”
Dawud Anyabwile, Atlanta

I was originally to ride solo from Cali, Columbia through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and ending in Argentina.  Now, I will join an organized bicycle race/expedition this August starting in Istanbul and taking me through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and ending in November in Beijing, China. The mileage and terrain will be similar to South America, however, I am even more eager to show people, especially urban teens, that the world is much bigger than their “hood”.

“I was really impressed by you and your will and cycling performances.”   
Max Testa, Italy

I have raised $40,000 in college scholarship money, but more importantly, I have helped changed minds. I am contributing locally and globally and have touched many since my friend’s passing on September 11th. My goal is to raise money, as well as to show people around the world the power of a single life.  I have received thousands of emails from people all over the world who have told me how they have been motivated by my actions.  
“You make me want to do something incredible.”
Zoë Bisk, Washington State

People ask me why I keep going. I guess I can sum my feelings up quickly with this story: recently one evening, I met a man in his mid twenties. He told me how he observed me on my bicycle as a young man and how that motivated him to go to the gym. He felt that being at the gym sheltered him from the dangers of the streets that eventually befell some of his friends….  We spoke about his life as it is and he ended our exchange by saying, “I guess what I am saying is thank you—you kind of saved my life.” People often ask me how I can afford to keep going. After I had an exchange like that, ‘saving’ a young man’s life I never even knew was watching me, how can I afford to not keep going?“Your film should be shown in schools, in Germany.”
Harald Radtke, Germany

These trips aren’t easy.  Sleeping on the ground in tents.  Surviving in freezing temperature and scorching sun.  Going from below sea level and across mountain ranges (Grand Teton, Kilimanjaro and soon the Himalayas).  Bicycling up to 10 hours a day for thousands of miles.  Being separated from your loved ones.  “You are an inspiration to me. When I am down, I think about you and I feel much better. You give me lot of strength.”
Franzi Schmitz, Brussels

These trips are not inexpensive: entrance fees, equipment, visa fees, inoculations. These trips aren’t a vacation: Language barriers, cultural barriers, blood, sweat and gears. They are not easy at all.
  “What you are doing is cool and inspirational. I would be an honor to invite you to bike through my homeland as a part of your mission.”
Bryndís Gunnlaugsdóttir, Iceland

If any of you know of any organizations or schools looking for a speaker, or of companies looking for a unique sponsorship opportunities, please let me know.  Also, feel free to forward my information to them. I have done a great deal, but at this time, I need your help to keep going.“Thank you for being the man you are.”  
George Perry, high school freshman, Philadelphia

Thank you.

  D A V I D

David Hale Sylvester    
Passion is needed for any great work.
Che Guevara
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