Catapult Marketing Chooses iLoop Mobile as Mobile Marketing Solutions Provider

iLoop Mobile, a premier solutions and services provider for mobile marketing to the world’s largest brands, agencies and enterprises, today announced that Catapult Marketing has chosen iLoop Mobile as its solutions provider for mobile marketing. Catapult provides integrated marketing solutions focused on the needs of brands, retailers, consumers and shoppers, using an “action-biased” marketing strategy that influences and impacts what people actually do, not what they think or say they will do. Catapult sees the mobile channel and iLoop Mobile’s integrated platform as ideal for instantly actionable and directly measurable marketing to drive desired consumer actions and sales.

Catapult Marketing will use iLoop Mobile’s platform as a general consumer-marketing tool, with a more specific use as “shopper marketing tool” to: 

  • Enhance planned shopping trips (aka “mission marketing”) with coupons and promotions, product location and availability info, shopping-list applications, and other product information initiatives using mobile
  • Develop mobile campaigns and initiatives that brands can bring to their key retail accounts that add value to the shopper’s experience and drive category growth

 Catapult intends to use the mobile channel as a fully-formed strategy to connect the shopper, retailer and brand. This includes innovative mobile-enhanced merchandising and point-of-sale initiatives for in-store/in-time marketing. Using iLoop Mobile’s platform, Catapult can design integrated campaigns to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time, for the right person. Following this action-biased strategy, the tactical deployment of mobile marketing enhances a brand’s ability to connect and be relevant to its target consumers, serving action-biased marketing’s goal of causing consumer purchases.

“The view field for the shopper today has a great deal of room for action-based, interactive marketing initiatives, especially involving mobile,” says Jason Katz, EVP of emerging media at Catapult Marketing. “It’s getting harder and harder to get your message through in the store environment with traditional media. Mobile offers an interactivity and relevance to the shopper that has never been available before. As more shoppers plan their purchases in advance, mobile can enhance the shopping experience with mobile coupons and promotions, in-store item management (i.e. grocery shopping), in-store navigation and more. These capabilities are extremely valuable to brands and retailers looking to become interwoven into their customers’ daily lives and behaviors. Mobile also brings the promise of location-based marketing, that when fully developed, will cause a significant shift across the board. 

“Choosing the right solutions provider for our mobile strategies was very important,” Katz continues. “The quality of iLoop Mobile’s technology solutions and services is a given, but equally important, iLoop Mobile’s industry expertise in mobile marketing is pushing mobile in new, exciting directions. Their solutions platform is not only flexible for today’s needs, but is also the catalyst for innovations and new directions in campaign strategies and tactics. Most importantly, their innovations are driving real, tangible ROI in mobile marketing.” 

“We are excited to be working with Catapult Marketing and helping them advance engaging and effective marketing in the mobile channel,” says Matthew Harris, CEO of iLoop Mobile. “Catapult is a top-tier digital agency that delivers state-of-the-art campaign design and consumer engagement that produce bottom line purchase results. We are pleased to be their solutions provider for their future mobile campaigns.”

iLoop Mobile’s mobile marketing platform, professional services and training enable international brands, marketing agencies, content publishers, and other companies to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns worldwide. These solutions cover the full range of SMS/MMS marketing and messaging initiatives, mobile Internet sites and applications, mobile-enabled online Web sites, mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range of other mobile services. iLoop Mobile offers its solutions platform as a self-service SaaS (software as a service) license with managed/professional services when requested.

About Catapult Action-Biased Marketing

Catapult is an action-biased marketing solutions agency. Catapult focuses on creative strategies that prompt consumers into action and drive consumer trial, repeat purchase and loyalty for client brands. Catapult is a full-service agency providing consumer and shopper strategic insights, consumer promotions, shopper marketing, interactive (Web, mobile, CRM), direct, experiential, sales analytics, and merchandising all through an integrated team approach. Its in-house analytics team tracks ROI and post-performance metrics for every program. Catapult’s clients include SUBWAY Restaurants, Reckistt Benckiser, Dannon, Mars Petcare, Fosters Wine, Intel, M&M Mars, Del Monte, Novartis, Uncle Bens and Sara Lee. Catapult, together with its sister agency Catapult APAC in Singapore, is a global agency with alliances that provide worldwide reach. Visit Catapult at:

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