“Social Media is Important for Digital Crisis Communications” says Punch

The popularity and viral nature of social networks has had a big effect on crisis communications according to Punch Communications, a leading digital PR agency based in the Midlands.

With the rapid growth of digital technology facilitating the development of social networks and a constant flow of information in real-time, brands and businesses no longer have the time previously available to craft responses to crises. The popularity of Twitter now means that a piece of bad news is only ever 140 characters away from exposure and, following that, virality.

However, Punch has indicated that as well as being a large part of the problem in digital crisis communications, it is also a large part of the solution and as such, the integration of social media activity into business marketing and PR strategies is vital.

The use of existing social media channels is imperative in keeping people informed and letting them know that issues and resolutions are being investigated, whilst also assuring them of the importance of their problems and opinions. Such profiles also provide a vehicle for the portrayal of messages and statements to a mass audience, particularly if lots of attention is being directed towards a social media presence. These profiles are a key way of staying “on the ball” in a crisis situation.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of PR Company Punch, said: “Social media and real-time search have most definitely had a huge impact on the practice of crisis communications, in so far as the onus is now placed on companies to possess a social media presence which can be used in such situations.”

Social media agency Punch Communications is an expert in the practice of digital public relations, from search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media strategy implementation. With the relevance of a social media presence being constantly reinforced by industry developments, Punch is a strong advocate of the argument for businesses to become involved in social media.

Pete continued: “Social media has become a key part of the majority of people’s lifestyles, with Facebook now having a population greater than that of the USA. As such, there are myriad benefits to the development of an online presence.”

For more information, please visit punchcomms.com, or call 01858 411 600.

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