11 Tips To Captivate Your Audience at Your Facebook Fan Page

Here are 11 great tips to captivate your audience when they visit your page.

1. Use a 600 X 200 pixel photo

Create a photo that is 600 pixels high and 200 pixels wide, as that will maximize the space available for your photo on your Facebook fan page. On the photo include a picture of you or your brand, and include links to your websites, YouTube channels or any other URL’s you want your readers to visit.

2. Tell Your Story

Give your fans your story. People love to know the real people behind companies, so give them some personal information about you. Make it relate to your company, but also show off your personality so they can get to know you better.

3. Link Your Posts To Your Blog

When you make comments or posts on your Facebook fan page, try and link back to your blog as well. The best way to do this is to tell your readers about an event or interesting post you’ve made and direct them to your blog for more information.

4. Have Special Offers for Fans Only

Create a special Giveaway or discount offer for people who have “liked” your Facebook fan page. This is done by using the Reveal Tab and was created by Facebook for exactly that purpose, revealing content only to people who have liked your page. Do a search on Google for Facebook Reveal Tab to get more information.Gaiam Subscription Clubs

5. Ask Fans To Invite Their Friends

When someone “likes” your page ask them to tell their friends about it also. You only need a few people to do this and if they have a lot of friends you can very quickly get hundreds more people to your page. But, if you don’t ask them they won’t do it so don’t be shy!

6. Link To Your Twitter And YouTube Channels

Get all your social media channels into one place. Several Facebook applications allow you connect your Twitter and YouTube accounts directly to your Facebook fan page. This gives your fans an easy way to find out more about you and your company from one central location.

7. Add A Poll To Your Page

Adding a poll application to your page with a few simple questions is a great way to interact with your fans. You can structure it to find what they like about your product, what they don’t like, what they want to see in your product. Use your imagination as this can be a powerful way to find out your fans needs and wants.

8. Get Fans To Talk About Your Product

Allow your fans to film a short video (30 secs) about your product or company and upload it to your page. This is an excellent way to get testimonials and keeps other fans entertained. You have full control over what you allow to be shown, but also set a few ground rules when you give your fans this opportunity.

9. Let Fans Upload Their Own Pictures

Also let them upload their own pictures. You get the final say (as with videos) at what appears there, but try and get them to take a photo with your product in it.

10. Add Your Flickr Stream To Your Page

If you use Flickr, the most popular photo sharing web site, you can directly link to your Facebook fan page from Flickr. You also get to decide which photos are made public and which are not, so you can only show images you want to.

11. Show Outside Links To Your Product or Brand

If any other websites have talked about you or your product, then create a post that links to them from your fan page. Maximise the buzz about your product!


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