10 Great Websites that Offer the Hottest Local Deals

Itching for that hot, newly released Android phone? Or maybe you’re pining for that designer bag from your favorite shop’s summer collection? Maybe you just need to drop off your dry cleaning. Don’t worry, it’s not going to bust your wallet, that is, if you’re resourceful enough.

There are many websites that offer deals online or via a mobile app to spare you the hassle of skimming through newspaper clippings for that desired coupon. Check out the following sites and make your shopping easier for both you and your pocket. 

1. DealMap
The latest deals are delivered straight to your inbox so you won’t miss out on what’s new. And while waiting for that email, zoom in on the site’s interactive map to see deals in your particular location. Refine your search by specifying the category – whether it’s health and beauty, restaurants or something else.

2. RadarFrog
A website with amazing deals, both local and online, from across the US. You can set your global location and all the deals you see throughout the site will correspond to that location. You also receive weekly emails for both local and national deals. They also have an iPhone app that offers local deals wherever you are and easily allows you to share deals on Facebook and Twitter with a simple swipe of your finger.
You can download the iPhone app here

3. CouponMap
This coupon search engine helps you find superb deals and more. You can also share it to the world by posting their widget on your own personal blog site, which takes all of five minutes. That way, your readers can use the map to locate deals where they live in (not to mention street directions on how to get there).

4. LivingSocial
Best known for offering a $20 Amazon voucher for $10, LivingSocial offers exclusive deals that help you live life the way you want it. From adrenaline pumping experiences to memorable dinners, from family camping to intense kayaking, LivingSocial helps turn your farfetched dreams to reality. 

5. ShopLocal
ShopLocal checks offerings within your vicinity and clues you in on discount deals for fashion, grocery, tech gadgets, and well, practically everything. The site features weekly ads from major retailers and allows you to compare prices.

6. Dealio
It has deals for every occasion: Mother’s Day, Halloween or the Yuletide season. Just download the toolbar or adding the Dealio Widget to get updates on coupons without having to check the site itself. It also has a directory that makes searching for those coupon deals convenient, not to mention being able to compare prices to help you make the best decision.

7. Groupon
Skip the local talk; we’re talking global here. Groupon offers great deals (typically 50% to 90% discounts) in a global setting – 29 countries and 230 cities worldwide. With its growing array of business partners, Groupon does give consumers the best purchase offers ranging from apparel, dining experiences and even hardware. And there’s an iPhone app as well so you can easily make an electronic redemption after purchasing your Groupon.

8. Coupious
This is the ultimate mobile app for the savvy iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone owner. It’s fast and reliable –through GPS, Coupious automatically searches for deals within your location and displays them right there on your phone’s display. Pick a coupon by clicking “Use Now” and simply show the cashier your mobile coupon code. Saving money has never been more convenient.

9. Jasmere.Com
You might not be able to find the big names here but rest assured, these are retail stores that hold the promise of making it big tomorrow. A play on the words jasmine and cashmere, both evoking the feel of luxury, the site has the best deals for these emerging companies. Why not check them out and see for yourself.

10. CoolSavings
The drawback… you need to sign up if you want the nicer deals. But then again, it’s all worth it as CoolSavings offers a wide range of coupon deals from the big names. For those who do not want to sign up, well, you’ll just have to be content with deals from the lesser-known brands.

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