Explorra Launches New VisualDNA Recommendations Tool to Inspire Users to Find Their Perfect Holiday

Explorra.com, the travel start-up created by ex-Expedia’s Ciprian Morar has launched VisualDNA for Travel at www.explorra.com/travel-quiz . Its mission: understand Internet users and connect them with people, content and products they’ll find useful.

In an effortless and enjoyable experience, the travellers answer a demographic quiz using only a series of photographs in a matrix. From the visual references, the VisualDNA patented technology collects user’s feelings, motivations and emotions and creates a VisualDNA profile scoring each picture on a variety of psychological and preferential axes. This, along with Explorra’s travel search and recommendation engine, provides relevant travel content such as holidays, travel guides, hotels for the user.
The process of going through the quiz is quick and so the response is almost instant returning results from over 70 billion combinations of traveller needs. Not only the results are useful at the time of doing the quiz, but Explorra plans to offer real-time recommendations, in the style of Amazon’s recommendations.

“What you see on Explorra here today is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have been working on both in terms of customer segmentation as well as product. We are adding new products everyday, with a queue of over 100,000 destinations, holidays, hotels”, said Ciprian Morar, Explorra’s Founder.

Additional features include:

  • A r


    h traveller profile, in which customer preferences are collected in a fun and engaging manner, with forms that “talk” back to the user
  • Free Travel Widgets for blogs and websites
  • A “Share this” functionality, which allows travellers to store their VisualDNA and recommendations and send them to friends and family
  • People like you – finding similar travellers based on VisualDNA

Imagini Founder and CEO, Alex Willcock, says: “We’re really excited that Explorra.com is using our VisualDNA technology at their core of the travel product. Together we’ve created a wonderful way to discover travel experiences.”


The service is accessible from http://www.explorra.com/travel-quiz

For more information, please visit www.explorra.com


About Explorra

Explorra is a new start-up, which focuses on inspirational travel guides, aiming to bridge the gap between social networking and travel purchases.

Explorra was started in Sept 2009 by ex-Expedia’s Ciprian Morar in London and the talented team of technology experts based in Romania, at LATERAL. LATERAL specialises in travel technology and services many top tier UK & Europe based travel clients.

About Imagini™

Imagini, the company behind VisualDNA (visualdna.com), is a strategic partner to online publishers, retailers, and global consumer brands. These companies use VisualDNA technology to understand and connect with their customers in a unique way. Clients include MSN, Hotels.com, Lastminute, Nectar, Vodafone, the British Army and PepsiCo International. Imagini has profiled more than 15 million people using VisualDNA since the company was founded in 2006. More recently Imagini has also launched Audience Analytics, a unique profiling and site personalisation technology.

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