Something Major, The New Playbook for Women At Work by Randi Braun

She is changing women’s lives, one play at a time. 

Certified Executive Coach and the CEO of Something Major Randi Braun releases her self-help book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women under New Degree Press. In Braun’s book, women will learn new strategies, not just how to own their message but also how to play the leadership game on their terms.  

As the CEO of a women’s leadership firm, Something Major, Randi Braun perfectly laid out everything that a woman should know to keep them empowered and motivated to push through and continuously improve themselves in life. It tackles a wide array of topics that is very timely, even in this generation. The book offers a guide in dealing with perfectionism, external validation, getting a hold of your inner critic, and many more essential life learnings. Braun’s book provides a novel perspective on one of the most significant concerns of our time: empowering women at work to choose their paths to success while simultaneously reducing burnout. 

Aside from the life lessons, I love how Randi Braun anchored the real-life stories of various women throughout the book. She delivered true-to-life stories in every section of the book to further emphasize the message she was trying to convey. Us humans continuously improve ourselves every day, and that’s a great way to correct mistakes. By learning from other people. I admire how Randi Braun can turn stories of struggles into something inspirational. It teaches us that struggles are a normal part of ourselves, and we can use those experiences for our betterment.   

           Overall, Something Major is not just an entertaining book but also an education that every woman can enjoy. It is for all women leaders who want to channel their inner badass, crack the leadership code, and conquer the world. It’s time for women leaders to soar high in this patriarchal world. Even if you’re not a leader, this book is still a must-read, for it’s full of lessons you can apply to yourself. Grab a copy of this book and be one step ahead on a better and more sufficient you! 

You can check out Something Major: The New Playbook for Women At Work on Amazon,  releases this March 1 to rave reviews! 

For more information about Randi Braun’s work, events, and background, you can visit her at Something Major Coaching website. Find her on Linkedin and Instagram. 

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