4 Signs Your Loved One Needs to Move into an Assisted Living Facility

When the time comes for a loved one to move into a care facility, this is undoubtedly going to be a difficult decision and conversation. Whether they are resistant to the idea or not, it will be a big change. Assisted living facilities offer a bit more than standard care homes, as there is a general community vibe and plenty of social and care aspects to boost the quality of life. There are some clear signs that this option is the best one for everyone, and this guide lists the top five below. 

Their House is Not Clean or Tidy

The first biggest indicator that support is needed is when a house begins to decline. Maybe the corners are a little bit too difficult to dust, or the hoover is too heavy to push across the floor. Whatever the reason, mess and deterioration soon become unmanageable if left unaddressed. Assisted living facilities more often than not have fully vetted housekeeping services on-site that perform regular cleaning duties to ensure the living area is hygienic, clean, and kept well. This is a good way to support mental well-being in old age and helps someone feel valued. 

They Are Going Out Less Frequently

Sometimes, whether it is mobility concerns or a decline in confidence, senior people start to go out less and less. The outside world is a daunting place when your health starts to decline or you struggle to get about as easily. This is a big red flag for your loved one and it could mean that a place with everything on their doorstep is the more attractive option moving forward. Look for a place like Belmont Village Encinitas assisted living where there are easy-to-access social and recreational options, and plenty of assistance if and when they need it 

Personal Hygiene Concerns

If you have noticed a definite decline in a loved one’s personal hygiene standards, this is another warning sign to take seriously. Looking after yourself is tied to more than just physical ability. It also concerns mental well-being and needs support when it begins to go downhill. The general boost from moving to a place where they will be well looked after in whatever level of care is required will counteract this problem and restore positive self-esteem as well. 

You Are Being Asked to Help More and More

While it is always good to be able to help out, if the phone calls are piling up at all hours of the day and night, there is a point where you have to put your own health first as well. Caring for someone takes its toll, and exploring assisted living to offset some of this is not a failure. You can still play an active part, but your mental health and daily life will not be completely derailed which is the better option for everyone. 

Assisted living is a great option for many reasons. Senior relatives will be well supported, kept safe, and have all their needs met even if those needs change and develop rapidly. Exploring all the options is always preferable. 

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