Best Tips to Make Your Home Sweet Home Picture-Perfect as Instagram Visuals

You would like to make your home look beautiful with the right décor items and settings. Your living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, and bathroom should look inviting and attractive. In this age of social media marketing, especially, a visually appealing platform like Instagram, beautiful means something outstanding. It is not simply about choosing the perfect color scheme or flaunting an expensive living room couch. 

According to an article published on, your home must look picture-perfect, photogenic just like high-definition Instagram photos. 

How will you make your bedroom or kitchen look as if designed by the top interior decorator in town? How will you take photos of your dining table food without showing the pizza crumbs left on the table? Fret not. Here are some of the best tips to make your home look picture-perfect as Instagram visuals: 

First things first, do a cleanup

Even if you try very hard to make your living area look as stunning as the home design images you like for motivation, it is not possible. Then, homes do not look as tidy as they appear in pictures. What you can do is a little tidying up. For example, you can move the shoes and keep them organized on a rack instead of scattering them near the door. Move laundry to a covered laundry basket. Then, you can take a photo of your home without dirty clothes or shoes lying here and there. 

You should make your home look Instagram worthy. Now, what does that mean? It implies that people should have the desire to live in your house after seeing the visuals. Therefore, you need to clean up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom to make them look picture-perfect like on Instagram. Take a photo after reorganizing furniture pieces and removing things that look unsightly or make your home look cluttered. 

Decorate a spot that people will love 

Your home should look stunning on Instagram and make people go green with envy. You can identify spots around your home or apartment meant for Instagram images or videos. These are usually communal areas. A classy Porsche car in the bar zone of your apartment is one example that will make your home look stunning. People will naturally like to pose and take a selfie in front of a car that looks so gorgeous in the chosen spot. It will also help you buy 20 Instagram likes and even more with user engagement on Instagram. 

You can also choose the garden area of your home with greenery and colorful flowers in the background for a jaw-dropping family photo. You will like to take a group selfie evoking a sense of happiness and fun in the outdoor area of your property. 

Again, a bench in your front lawn framed by potted plants and brilliant blossoms is a spot where you can pose while sipping coffee with your loved ones. Post the photo on Instagram for more likes, comments, and shares. Even a swinging chair with vibrant pillows will make your guests take a selfie there. 

Tell an interesting story with photos 

When you post a photo on Instagram, it is a special moment in your life with your family or friends. Your visuals should tell an interesting story to your followers. When it comes to an apartment home or building, you need to add details to bring more focus such as a living room chandelier featuring pendant lights or a vintage radio. In your living room, sophisticated wine glasses tell your audience that your focus is on style and panache. Again, when you post a photo of your dining table for 16 people, it tells your audience that you love inviting guests to your place. 

You can add a story to your IG images by focusing on the captions that support your post and thoughts. For example, if you post pictures of coffee, sandwiches, and egg on the breakfast table of your home, then write an interesting caption about how food and coffee charge you up for the rest of the day. 

Add some interesting stuff for your Instagram photos 

When you want to take a photo of your living area beautifully staged, you need to make individual things look appealing and not shabby. The best way is to use a few interesting items and then you take the photo. 

When it comes to your kitchen, put your bright-colored tea towel on the shelf until you click a photo. You can add some potted plants in your kitchen and then take a photo to add some interesting things for a picture-perfect Instagram image. All you need to do is think creatively. You can always look up some home inspiration Instagram profiles and implement those to make your photos look stunning. 


Now that you have these tips handy, you can make your home look Instagram worthy. Implement these ideas and you will see your home looking attractive as well as inviting on Instagram. 

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