Top Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is an essential function1 that allows your body and mind to recharge. It is as important as regular exercises and good food.  

Studies have shown that there are adverse effects of poor sleep. Your hormones, brain function, and exercise performance are affected when you do not get great sleep at night.

Bad sleeping habits can also cause an increase in weight, disease risk in adults and children.

On the opposite, a night of good sleep is very beneficial. It causes you to eat less, exercises better, and live healthier.

For the last few years, there is a tendency that the quality of the sleeping decreases. Bad sleeping habits are more frequent with some group of people.

What can you do to improve your health and reduce weight gain? A good night’s sleep is one of the crucial things to do. Here are ways to improve your sleep at night.

Use good pillow

A good pillow is very important for a good night’s sleep. A pillow is to support your sleeping position all through the night. A good pillow is not only succulent and cozy. It must be the perfect one to support your head, neck, and spine comfortably. Your spine should rest and curve well with the pillow you choose. It will eliminate neck pain and reduce pressure in your body.

There are unique types of pillows for each sleeping posture.

For side sleeping posture, a stronger and thicker pillow is the best. The pillow for a side sleeper should be as thick as the space behind the ear and the shoulder.

The stomach sleeping position needs a softer pillow. You can also go without a pillow if you are a stomach sleeper. You only need a pillow under your stomach and pelvis to avoid back pain.

Back sleepers may use a flatter pillow. The pillows to make the head and neck align. A softer pillow is perfect for a back sleeper. 

However, you can use a firmer pillow if you have neck pain. Choose the softness of the pillow that makes you feel comfortable.

Use a good mattress

For perfect back health, you need a good mattress. A good mattress has the right support and coziness. It is essential for a goodnight’s sleep.

The wrong mattress or old mattress can cause back pain or you may be aggravating your pain.

There is no sole perfect mattress for everyone. Choose a mattress that does not cause discomfort, disruption, or pain for you when you sleep. The best mattress is according to your taste and choice for support and comfort. You can read some reviews and guides to choose the best mattress. The best advice would be to pay attention to your pressure points when choosing a new mattress, because that’s the heaviest part of your body. 

A good mattress will keep your entire body and spine in a neutral position, no matter your sleeping position.

Perfect bedroom environment

A perfect bedroom environment and arrangements sum up to aid your sleep. Consider these things to optimize your bedroom environment to get good sleep at night:

  • Check the temperature, noise, lighting, and furniture arrangement;
  • Get the perfect bedroom environment,  reduce the external noise and light that comes into your bedroom. Try to minimize light and sound from your alarm clocks.

A perfect bedroom environment should also be neat, comfy, and quiet. It is until then you can get good sleep at night.

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