An Overview of ReadersMagnet’s Digital Marketing Services

ReadersMagnet has been helping authors through the self-publishing process since 2016.  The company suggests courses of action, provides quality publishing and marketing package options, and offers editorial and other services geared toward helping authors achieve their dreams.  Simply put, the company helps authors of all genres and brings their works to their target audience to boost the chances of success.

All the people working at ReadersMagnet have years of experience in marketing and advertising. These marketing professionals are more than capable of ensuring that an author’s books are marketed to their full potential. The company itself has marketing campaigns that have yielded realistic results, which have gotten writers to where they wanted to be.  

One of the most prominent services that ReadersMagnet provides to its clients is digital marketing.  Like in so many of the most successful companies in the world today, the team at ReadersMagnet has studied and learned the many digital marketing strategies to come up with multifaceted approaches that will best suit writers. And while traditional marketing practices still have their merit, digital marketing continues to win over several companies and marketers because of its efficiency.

According to ReadersMagnet, digital marketing has several undeniable advantages.  Through digital marketing, writers can easily reach their target market, especially since most people nowadays are always on their electronic gadgets.  Another benefit of digital marketing is that it allows marketers and companies to monitor their own campaigns and optimize them for better results.  

Below is a broad look at the digital marketing services of ReadersMagnet. The company believes that a book marketing plan needs four important methods, which are listed below.

1. Book Trailers

ReadersMagnet comes up with high-quality, high-definition videos that it posts online.  These book trailers are among the most effective ways to bring the books out there and expose their potential to prospective readers. 

2. Blogging Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogging is a great way to build a brand.  It also increases traffic on the website and improves one’s reputation.

3. Social Media Advertising

It has been proven time and again just how powerful a tool social media can be in digital marketing campaigns, and ReadersMagnet knows social media for self-published authors better than any other independent book marketing and self-publishing companies.

4. Press Release Campaign

ReadersMagnet provides press release campaigns to authors who need their brand to gain visibility to attract more readers.

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