Why Taking Care of Your Sleep Apnea Is Important

Many people suffer from sleeping disorders. One of the severe sleep disorders is “Sleep apnea”, which is a condition where a person suffers from repeated starts and stops breathing. The symptoms of the disease include loud snoring and tiredness (even after having to nap the whole night). 

Sleep Apnea may lead to diabetes, cancer, a variety of heart problems, changes in blood pressure, can reduce blood oxygen levels, and might even result in death because of repeated breathing pauses. Apart from such serious issues, some other problems are also reported like, morning headaches, low performance at school/college/office, and so forth. If you face any kind of breathing problem during sleep, you must observe yourself or consult your doctor or take a quick ‘Sleep Apnea Quiz’ online where all you have to do is answer a few questions accurately to have the correct result.

The disorder must be treated on time to avoid such problems in the future. For the treatment, one might bring change in lifestyle, such as weight loss or use a sleep assistance device at night like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. This blog would significantly help you understand what CPAP therapy and the benefits of using it to treat Sleep Apnea is.

What is CPAP therapy?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a commonly used nonsurgical treatment for Sleep Apnea or OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). It uses a CPAP machine which allows the person suffering from OSA, breathe appropriately during sleep by increasing air pressure in the throat. The therapy is done by using a device with a mask that covers your nose. It comes in different types based on the area of the face it covers, quality, and so forth. 

You can find your ideal CPAP machine at “Sleeplay”. They have a wide range of CPAP machines, masks, pillows, portable batteries, and so much more.

What are the benefits of using CPAP therapy?

CPAP is considered the best treatment for Sleep Apnea. Below mentioned are some benefits of using the same:

  • It’s not only the patient that suffers from Sleep Apnea; their partner suffers too. Choking/gasping sounds might frighten their partner, or maybe the loud snoring irritates them. Since CPAP allows enough air pressure, it eliminates the breathing problems and lets you and your partner sleep peacefully.
  • Helps you have a better sleep at night that allows you to feel refreshed the next day. This increases attention and enables you to concentrate more efficiently throughout the day.
  • Untreated Sleep Apnea not just affects your sleep but your health too. It increases the risks of having exposed to other medical problems (mentioned above). By using CPAP masks, you would not only improve your sleep but also save yourself from all such risks.
  •  The therapy helps diabetes patients control it by reducing insulin resistance.
  • Some new researches reveal that good and continuous practice of CPAP therapy reduces puffiness and redness in the face. Thus improves facial appearance and contributes to a youthful look.

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