Five different types of pain relief

When you are in pain, it can make life feel unbearable, you really do not feel like doing anything and you are stuck feeling miserable in a world where everyone is trying to get away from pain medications due to high rates of overdose and addiction. There are so many different pain relief methods out there that it could seem impossible to be able to find the right one. So let’s explore some different options. We are also going to explain why going the more natural route is the best way to help fight pain. 

The issue with pain meds.

When we take medication, we are giving our body a drug that it can get addicted to. Pain killers can do a lot of damage to your body and organs. Not only that, but research is suggesting that pain killers have additives that are not so good for bodies. While yes, pain killers do offer an almost immediate relief from pain, Our bodies will adjust and eventually, we will need to take more and more to alleviate the pain. With more and more natural remedies and nonaddictive remedies coming out, we could not help but explore the different options that we have. 

The four types of pain.

Most people do not know, but there are four different types of pain that we can experience. Pinpointing what kind of pain you are experiencing, will allow you to pick the correct pain relief. We want to make sure that this is taken care of as soon as possible. 

  1. Inflammatory pain- This is when you have excess inflammation caused by an adverse response from your body’s immune system. This could be a result of rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Functional pain- This when you do have pain but you are unable to pinpoint the exact origin of the pain. This could be a result of fibromyalgia. 
  3. Nociceptive pain- This is caused generally as a result from tissue injury. Normally this is due to post surgery pain or even arthritis. 
  4. Neuropathic pain- If you guessed this would be nerve pain then you are correct. This is when your pain caused by nerve damage. This could be as a result of a pinched nerve or neuropathy.

Different types of pain relief

Now let’s get into the different types of pain relief. We ask that you keep an open mind when trying these products, we think that they could be an amazing alternative to your pain management.

  1. Essential oils- Essential oils have become a big deal within the last few years. We are discovering that the properties in essential oils actually have healing properties. For example, eucalyptus has been reported to help with swelling, inflammation of the body as well as pain. You can find many different products that have eucalyptus in it. You can also inhale eucalyptus plants. Another essential oil that is good for pain use is rosemary. Your preference based on which one smells better to you. You can find Rosemary in a variety of products as well.
  2. CBD- CBD has become very popular over the last few years, as it has shown that it has amazing healing properties. CBD has been recommended by many people as an alternative to pain relief. CBD is derived from cannabis plants. It’s nonpsychoactive meaning that it has zero THC in it. CBD has been shown to treat a number of issues. You can find it as a roll on pain relief or in a lotion, capsule form. Make sure that you are getting the correct CBD product for the pain that you are in.
  3. Acupuncture- Acupuncture which is ancient Chinese medicine has been proven in helping eliminate pain as well as a variety of different ailments. Pressure points that are in certain areas of our bodies that have been proven to help alleviate pain and certain illness. Now it is highly recommended that you see a professional for this treatment. You will only feel small pokes, but other than that, the procedure is painless, and you can return to regular activities immediately after. Acupuncture has been credited for helping those who suffer from migraines, nerve pain, addiction, and back pain. 
  4. Massage- For those who experience back or muscle pain, massages are an excellent way to help fight pain. You can even add some CBD pain relief cream after your massage to feel even better. Sometimes our bodies can be in pain due to muscle tension. 
  5. Chiropractor- If you are experiencing excruciating pain you most definitely want to see a chiropractor. Sometimes we have pain, and while we think it could be manageable it could be our bodies telling up to go get looked at. The worse your pain becomes the harder it is for you to be relieved of it. Most chiropractors are going the natural route as well and off CBD products as opposed to pain killers. 

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