Healthy Ways to Increase Milk Supply

Healthy Ways to Increase Milk Supply

At one time or another, if you’re a mother, the question of whether you’re producing enough milk for your child always comes up. However, the better question should be if there are healthy ways to increase the production of milk in the body. Fortunately, several ways you can help do exactly that – here are some of the ways to boost your milk production.


Always stay hydrated


Although the capacity of fluid intake is different for every person, you should consider taking at least eight glasses of water per day. You can also try regularly filling a water bottle with drinking water and make sure it never gets empty.


Eat a balanced diet


When a woman is nursing, she requires at least 500 calories per day. They should always choose nutritious foods such as food rich in protein, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, veggies, and brewers yeast. Some mothers have proven it is a bonus to eat nutritious foods because they also boost production.


Add vitamins to your diet


Other nursing mothers highly recommend vitamins, and it is said that the content of milk varies according to the food. Vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, folic acid, are considered to be very significant to the production of breast milk.


Breastfeed often and follow the lead of your baby


Babies usually set their feeding time, no matter how hard you try to schedule. It is advised to track your baby’s feeding cues, mainly when they are newborns. Lactating experts usually suggest feeding them when they demand it. This means whenever they cry because of hunger, you should feed them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for moms who don’t work at home. However, if a boost to producing milk is what you desire, feeding on demand is the way to go.


Let your baby feed equally on each breast


The production of milk is usually a demand-supply process, so the more times the baby feeds, the more your body produces more milk. If or when your breasts are empty, a message is usually sent to the brain to produce more milk. It is often a bonus when your baby empties a breast because they get all the foremilk and the fatty hindmilk. These are generally good for their development.


Take galactagogues supplements


In this time, people have developed supplements that can help boost milk production. These supplements include Fenugreek, Blessed thistle, and Brewers yeast. These components can be mixed or taken separately. The best formulation is the mixture of Fenugreek and Blessed thistle. They usually have varying effects on different people; you should take various options to discover, which is the best option. However, before considering taking any medication, you should first consult your doctor. This is usually for women who don’t like tea or cookies. This link can prove all the facts.


Brew Lactation teas


If you are a tea fanatic, you are in luck because there are teas capable of boosting your body’s milk production. They usually are referred to as lactation teas; however, previous research has varying results regarding their boosting capabilities. You are encouraged to take it if you enjoy it, it has been said to work for some.


Bake or buy lactation cookies


This particular type of cookie has been found to help by some nursing mothers. A bonus is that they are delicious, and you can modify the recipes to your liking. If you don’t want to bake, there are ready-made lactation cookies found on Amazon and other businesses online.


Use a breast pump


A pump is an excellent tool because nursing mothers can store milk for their babies while at work. They also empty the breast, giving the baby both foremilk and fatty hindmilk. This increases milk production because of the demand-supply system.


For you to boost the production of milk in your body, you need to follow these tips. You must also understand that every woman is different, and some methods will not work for everyone.