How Motivational Speakers Have Adjusted to COVID-19

How Motivational Speakers Have Adjusted to COVID-19

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly infectious respiratory illness that was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 has since been declared a pandemic. This disease threatens to be one of the worst pandemics the world has seen in centuries. It has not only affected the health sector but also brought a change in the day to day activities of navigating life.


As such, there has been a sudden change in the working lives of people across the globe. People have to work hard from home, observe social distancing, among other measures. Speaking agencies have not been left behind; if anything, since the industry survives through physical interactions, it is one of the most affected by the changes enforced.


So what does this pandemic mean for motivational speakers? How do they keep their business afloat and secure that paycheck? Do not worry. We have compiled 3 top strategies that speakers have adopted to adjust to COVID-19.


  1. 1. Virtual Keynote Talks


With the banning of gatherings, many speaking events have been canceled. However, these have caused an increase in the number of virtual talks among motivational speakers. Different speakers are looking for the best ways to package their content and make it available online. One of the methods is through delivering virtual keynote talks.


Online motivational speakers are talking from their home offices and doing a live streaming video. Depending on their preferences, some speakers are choosing a location for the same. While else these live videos are good, they are threatened by unpredictable technical hitches.


Therefore, if, as a speaker, you are looking to deliver flawless virtual work, you can choose to film the event, edit and present it to the consumers as top tier motivational work. So, after all this work, what is the catch? How do you monetize virtual keynote speaking? Well, for starters, not everyone can access these talks unless they have paid for them. Speaking agencies have come up with a passcode price tag which is protected. That is to say that you have to pay for the event to have your specific password.


If you have been wondering how to increase your employers’ productivity who have been working from home, here are some of the top virtual keynote topics you can pick from to fit your needs.


  1. Writing Books


Ideally, writing books is seen as a long term thing; therefore, when motivational speakers document their content in books, it may sound a little extreme. However, let’s all first agree that nobody knows when this pandemic will end. While else its longevity is unknown, its negative impacts are most definitely going to be felt for quite some time.


As such, as a speaker, there is no harm in using this long term strategy. Other than that, writing a book during this pandemic is very timely. Therefore, the faster you adjust and document your work, the higher your leverage. Motivational speakers Dr. Binay Singh has written a book Coronavirus- Opportunity through Adversity


The book is dedicated to all those who are providing essential services during these uncertain times. Its objective is to keep us motivated, focused, and excited about the possibilities and opportunities of life after COVID-19.


  1. Webinars and Zoom Meeting


Another way that motivational speakers have adjusted to COVId-19 times is by carrying out webinars. Most webinars are done live, but others are pre-recorded. It is due to this live nature of a webinar that makes it very viable for speakers during this pandemic.


To start, people no longer have to travel to attend a motivational speaking conference. That is to say, the cost of travel, food, and other expenses are reduced. At the same time, the audience gets to interact with the speakers one on one. Therefore, in case of any question, they are tackled, and the audience enjoys an interactive session. While else most webinars are free, speakers are getting paid from having a webinar. That means that before someone has access to your webinar talk, they have to pay.


In conclusion, in this fast-moving world and with uncertain times, only the strongest and fastest to adjust will survive. As a speaker, if you are yet to adjust your services, feel free to adopt any of the strategies above, and get back on your feet.

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