3 Easy Ways to Free Up Your Schedule

Feeling busy? Feeling stressed? Because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak people have been feeling trapped in their own homes with new tasks and responsibilities that are stressing them out! Regardless of the origin of your stress, I would like to provide a couple ideas as to how you might be able to ease the mental burden put upon you at this time. Sometimes stress is mental and you feel like you have incredible amounts of things to do, while on the contrary your brain is trying to keep track of different items and agendas. However, sometimes you simply have so much going on that it’s impossible to get everything done. These 3 ideas will help both scenarios.

1-     Organize your time and schedule. It’s important to have some kind of daily planner or calendar to keep track of events and items. While you might be able to keep everything stored in your mind and feel like you’re doing ok not forgetting different things, this is about becoming less stressed. As soon as your schedule is written down and organized, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, it will give your mind permission to unwind and not focus fully on what you need to remember to do during that week. Then, all you have to do is check your schedule and add new events that might pop up.

2-     Put first things first. One successful businessman once said that he wrote down everything he had to do on a list, and then he would simply work his way through the list crossing them out as he accomplished the task. When you do so, you will feel freer and more productive, giving you a sense of accomplishment rather than stress. Another way to organize is in a list from most important to least. This will ensure that you’re taking care of the most important responsibilities first, and then when you have time, the lesser urgent events.

3-     If there simply is too much to do, hire some work out. If you can’t run a carpool, make dinner, and clean the house all in one day, go get take out! Or, hire out a company to make your house spotless (this will also relieve stress. If you live in a dirty environment, it will cause your mind to be jostled as well). One such company is Perth House Cleaner. They’re a company made up of trained house cleaners that will do a fantastic job cleaning your home and leave you time to go about your daily routine.

Hopefully you’ve found some sort of support if you’ve been feeling stressed in these strange times. Although everyone is different and their stress or circumstances vary, organizing your life, writing down or creating a schedule and putting first things first will all help to ease the burdens of everyday life. And if that’s still not enough, there are options such as organic CBD salves for tension relief which can treat the symptoms that you will notice on your body, not in your head.