Five Ways To Boost Your Immune System

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2020- Let’s call it the year of prioritizing the immune system.  

We guarantee that one of the most googled searches so far is around ways to strengthen your immune system. But look no further than here to learn what you need to do. 


With so much focus on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, taking an immune system supplement is something that is very reasonable to consider, along with a long-range of other tasks you should prioritize for yourself each day. With a healthy immune system, you can take more control of your life and live without fear of catching a nasty virus. 

This is because when a nasty virus comes into contact with your body, your immune system has to work really hard to fight it off. So by taking some extra measures to boost your defense system, you are basically already helping your body to win the war against all things harmful!


So what should you be doing to boost your immune system? Here are five ways you can ensure your immune system is ready to go and fight off all those nasty bugs. 


  • AHCC supplements


These are natural health supplements that boost your immune system with just one plop of a pill. How easy is that! The compounds of the health substance are extracts from shitake mushrooms and utilize its antioxidant powers. What is really awesome about this supplement is that it can really rev up the immune system to fight off a virus like the flu but also protect yourself from things like cancer! Seriously, sign us up for these, please! 



  • Sleep, sleep and more sleep


The more you sleep, the more prepared your immune system will be to fight off the bad stuff. In fact, research has shown that poor sleep is linked to higher susceptibility to sickness. So it is important to prioritize at least six hours of sleep per night, ideally though aiming for 7-8 hours. 



  • Eat nutrient-rich food


Your immune system needs vitamins. One of the main ways you can get proper vitamins is through food that is naturally rich with it. Here are four food groups you should be prioritizing to get the vitamins you need on a daily basis:

  • Protein—such as chicken, fish, meat, and eggs
  • Wholegrains—such as steel-cut oats and brown rice
  •  Dairies—such as milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Fruits + Vegetables—such as apples, bananas, broccoli, and spinach



  • Limit your sugar intake


More research is showing that obesity and being overweight makes them twice as likely to have a weak immune system. Reducing sugar intake is an easy fix to losing the weight and allowing proper nutrients to not get stuck in the body. If you have diabetes or heart disease, your immune system is compromised, which is the last thing you want in the middle of a pandemic! Still enjoy your life, just make sure sugar is limited to no more than 5% of your daily intake.



  • Exercise every day


Moving your body boosts your body’s ability to use the immune system properly. Exercise reduces inflammation and helps immune cells generate. And you do not need to go extreme with the workouts. A simple walk, jog, swim, or hike a day can do wonders to enhance your immune system! 


All five of these tips should really be prioritized for you.  A combination of hard work, discipline, and extra help from supplements will help set your body up to fight off anything that might come its way.  The magic recipe really is a balance of supplements, sleep, exercise, nutrition, and sunlight!