Facts about getting in shape with boxing

Front view of fit concentrated brunette woman wearing boxing gloves. Young attractive fighter with perfect make up posing and showing hit on boxing ring. Concept of sport, boxing.

There has been a lot of buzz about taking boxing classes for exercise and self-defense lately and for some very good reasons. Did you know that you not only burn major amounts of calories with the cardio intense moves associated with boxing, but you will actually add lean muscle and really strengthen your core? There are great places like this boxing gym in Memorial Texas teaching beginners how to get started as well as hosting advanced classes for veterans of the sport, as well as online classes, so, getting started is a snap. Let’s go over the facts about getting in shape with boxing.


If you are interested in getting that look where every muscle looks sculpted on your body, then boxing is the right workout for you. Because boxing is a full body workout that encompasses so many different parameters of exercise you will get lean and mean from head to toe. Boxing is a two for one form of training because you get both cardio and strength conditioning at the same time. You will sculpt and tone every muscle while burning tons of calories, this makes muscles look really tight and compact, just the look you are going for if you like the idea of a hard six pack and ripped biceps. Muscles weave tight to the body when you do cardio while adding muscle, so boxing is probably the best kind of workout for this result.


One of the best things about boxing for fitness is how much fun you will have while doing it. Time will fly and before you know it you will realize you have been boxing for an hour straight. Studies have shown that boxing can burn around one thousand calories an hour, that is an incredible amount. Rather than slog your way through a spin class that makes an hour seem dreadful, why not have fun hitting things, and learning self-defense while you are at it, what’s not to love? Learning the footwork is almost like learning some new dance moves, and these moves will really improve your balance and will make you light on your feet. Some of the boxing instructors will play music and the entire class will be geared toward learning boxing but having a great time while doing it as well.


As you progress through the stages of learning boxing you will see that every part of your body is getting leaner and tighter, and not only that, your coordination will improve by leaps and bounds. While you are boxing you will learn that foot placement and foot speed are every bit as important as what your arms are doing. And placing your gloved hands in with an offense or defense position and being able to switch tactics in the blink of an eye will give you the kind of coordination that will be noticeable in every aspect of your life. Not only that, but all of this brainwork training your movements will improve your concentration and energy levels. It’s a brain workout as well, and getting their blood pumping up there is always a good thing.


Boxing has so many great benefits for the mind and body that it is really one of the best full body workouts on the market today. You will build lean muscle while burning fat, all while having a blast sweating and learning some great self defense moves. Finding a gym where you can get a great instructor is a snap these days as well, as you can often watch a video of a sample class online before you ever even have to step in the door anywhere. I hope you have been inspired to check out some boxing classes today, good luck out there!