Italian Food Online Store Unveiling a Whole New Range of Italian Food Products

11 June 2020 (Davie, Florida) Authentic native food flavours of Italy are currently trending globally. Especially, Americans are looking for originals rather than fusions. Alessandro (the founder) figured out this opportunity and started an online portal where people can buy Italian products online. In this multi-brand store, original food products from the leading Italian brands are available for sale. 

The United States, along with many other countries around the world has developed its own versions of Italian food, only loosely based on the real thing found in Italy.  As pallets have become more international and more sophisticated, the demand for authentic Italian food, and genuine ingredients has increased.  The most popular dishes in Italy are becoming favorites around the world, and many demand ingredients that were once impossible to source outside of the country.

The most popular dishes in Italy include:

  • Lasagne.
  • Osso buco alla Milanese.
  • Prosciutto.
  • Ribollita. 
  • Saltimbocca.
  • Gelato. 
  • Torrone. 
  • Tiramisu. 

“As the online demand is rising in this lockdown period, we are aiming to introduce the maximum possible food products sourced directly from Italy. Our section of new products will have everything ranging from extra virgin olive oil to native bakery cookies.” said Alessandro during his recent interview. This online food supplier company is bringing packed food products from Italy and supplying throughout the world. 

Also, Alessandro added “ We are focusing on providing authentic Italian food at the most competitive price. Therefore, almost every newly introduced product is coming with attractive discount offers.” The demand for native ingredients like 00 Italian flour and cherry tomato sauce is gradually increasing not only in restaurants but also in the retail sector. People are looking for original ingredients sourced from Italy which is being successfully fulfilled by this online food store. 

The company is all set to carry forward its business journey with more than 200 new products. “Our objective is to meet every single requirement necessary for transforming your cuisine into Italian style” he added later.