Does Partner Yoga Have Any Benefits?

The practice of yoga has been growing exponentially all over the world and online. Between sun salutations, breathing exercises, and muscle strengthening, there is a whole section of yoga exercises that work tremendously. 

However, it remains a physical activity, and it is sometimes complicated to motivate yourself to go to a yoga class. Sometimes, being in a relationship could be the best way to focus and be effective. So why not practice yoga as a couple? 

The search for inner peace is not incompatible with a regular practice of couple yoga. According to Yoga Training Guide, yoga postures, when performed in pairs, are often easier to perform, for the simple reason that there is emulation, which can also be found in group lessons. Yes, stretching, going through the sun salutation or meditation, it’s all parts of the body and mind that we work together. Because yoga, even in duo, it’s still a sport, let’s not forget!

While we often mention that the couple is not necessarily linked to sport, yoga is precisely this beautiful discipline which combines body, mind and spirit, and which can help create more intimacy, who encourage each other, and who can also help each other when yoga postures are difficult to execute. A form of yoga that also seems easier to perform, for the simple reason that we are with our soul mate!

And among the biggest reasons why practicing yoga for two is a good idea, we find:

  • Develop mutual trust during couple postures
  • Get to know your partner better
  • Be less discreet and less looking at his image in front of his duo
  • Enjoy the benefits of yoga together
  • Introduce your partner to a great discipline
  • Being able to learn new exercises, only doable in pairs
  • Feel supported in the practice of exercises
  • Share an activity together, outside the home
  • Meet new people together

And many others!

With or without a yoga teacher, the main idea here is therefore to be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga and asanas together, without any competition. Because yes, when we do yoga as a couple, we will keep saying it, it is because we want to share a sporting and spiritual activity together, between physical exercises, sequence, stress management, non-violence, or even perfect alignment. A duo work finally!

If there is one point to note when practicing yoga for two, it is the accentuated simplicity to perform the postures, from the simplest to the most complicated. Between traditional yoga, kundalini yoga, integral yoga, or online yoga, it will be easier to gain self-confidence through a common practice. Pranayama, meditative practice and twisting, everything will be more accessible for two! Fewer spine problems, more love!

Practicing yoga as a couple is therefore an essential tool for going further in the postures , while having the impression of sharing a real experience with one’s “half”. Between glutes, hips, spine, or back pain, this is a real invitation to duo practice that the couple has just highlighted, and yoga is a real springboard to improve and move forward as a couple. Going further together is always beneficial!

When the flexibility is not the same for both or when, quite simply, the level is not as advanced for one as for the other, yoga is precisely there to level everyone , faced with postures where progression is simple, where mutual aid is possible, and where we can practice together without feeling a noticeable gap. If, during a cobra, one goes further than the other, it does not matter, and the main thing is to do it together!

What if yoga is also that? Give each other mutual strength to move towards its objectives, and to discover new ones, together, as if discipline were made for us. Because practicing yoga is knowing how to gauge your interiority, but also that of the other, in the light of more physical postures, which will come to highlight all this. A real chain, which will not go without proving that together, that’s all!

Being a real little yogi also means knowing how to adapt your postures to your partner, and how to discover new ones that can only be practiced when there are two of you. Some will be more complicated, require more flexibility, develop the glutes more than others, but the couple will have the advantage of making us do yoga differently, from a simple, effective perspective, and always based on sharing.

Nothing and no one can then intervene in a sequence which, if it is sometimes possible alone, becomes a real engine practiced in pairs , and builds a relationship of couple on beautiful sporting values , which are positive thinking, mindfulness, or even physical, psychological and spiritual support. Enough to relax for two during a yoga session!

So, whether it is the candle, or even more complex positions to perform, it will be possible to transform these into duet postures, which, in addition to being beautiful to look at, will often be even more effective at level of muscle building and self-confidence, for the simple reason that, as the photo indicates, litters are often involved here.

Thus, in a few lessons, it will be possible to improve considerably, revealing a practice of yoga that one would seem more to duet exercises than to an individual practice of personal development. However, we have access here to another form of inner thought, which will take on its full meaning in contact with the other, the couple, love!

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