5 Unique and Fun Ways to Exercise

Are you tired of treadmills? Do you feel like strangling all of those overly-cheerful instructors in your exercise videos? If you’re craving a new way to burn some calories, here are five creative ways to stay fit.


  1. Martial Arts


You don’t have to be a kung-fu master to participate in martial arts. Unlike classes for kids that are divided by things like age and belt, adult classes tend to be mixed groups where the teachers make sure that their lessons are accessible to everyone at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about being a beginner or feeling out of shape.


There are many different martial arts to choose from, too. Aikido is great for women since it’s focused on self-defense. Muay Thai is a natural progression from kickboxing classes. You can also sign up for things like karate, tae kwon do, wing chun, krav maga and more.


  1. Athletics


If you like solo activities, you can take up something like swimming, skiing, jogging, cycling or golfing. Swimming is particularly nice if you have any health issues that make regular exercise difficult; it’s a low-impact activity that can actually relieve pain in the joints.


If you like connecting with others, try an adult sports team of some kind. They have recreational leagues for everything from soccer to basketball, and you can also find fun, casual gatherings for volleyball, kickball, bowling, Frisbee and more. Some of these places don’t even keep score, so the only goal is a good time.


  1. Ballroom Dancing


Any kind of dancing will burn calories, but there’s something special about ballroom dancing. Maybe it’s the fact that you can learn all kinds of styles and never get bored with it. Maybe it’s the fact that it requires a partner, so it also presents opportunities for making friends or bonding with a special someone.


No matter why you hit the floor, however, ballroom dancing is definitely a fun way to exercise. It won’t even feel like exercise. The pounds will drop off your body while you learn new skills and become a stronger, classier and more confident version of yourself!


  1. Video Games


If you don’t have the time or the means to leave your house for exercise, video games can be a surprisingly efficient way to stay fit.


The trick is to play games that require a physical component. You aren’t going to build any muscle by goofing off with Mario Kart all day, but if you switch to something like Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution, you can get a full-scale workout while also having fun.


For bonus points, some fitness-based games come with statistics to help you track your progress. They’ll monitor things like speed and duration, and they’ll do the math for you when it comes to calories burned or miles run.


  1. Exercise Classes


Last but certainly not least, if you’re bored with huffing and puffing at home, consider taking your workout to a classroom setting. You can enjoy everything from yoga and zumba to spinning and weight lifting. Some gyms even have creative options like aerobics classes infused with hip-hop music!


If you aren’t sure what events and activities are offered in your area, just contact some nearby fitness centers. They should have rosters that lay out all of their offerings, and you can decide for yourself what interests you.


These are just a few ways to get off the couch without having to resort to old, tired exercises. Your fitness routine should be as dynamic as you are, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different sports, games and activities until you find a cool new hobby that also keeps you active!


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