How You Can Give Back to Nurses During the Pandemic

How You Can Give Back to Nurses During the Pandemic

So many nurses see their job as not just a career but a calling. The way nurses go above and beyond in caring for their patients has never been more evident than it has been during the coronavirus pandemic. No one can put a price tag on the care that nurses provide to their patients, but we can at least show them our appreciation for what they do. Here are some suggestions for ways to give back to nurses during the pandemic.


Treat a nurse to a free lunch


Nurses don’t always have time to leave their workplace to take a break or go to get lunch. It would be nice to provide lunch for the nurses and leave it in their breakroom. That way, lunch would be available whenever the nurses can take time out to eat. You can also purchase gift cards from restaurants and give them to individual nurses. Companies like Wawa, McDonald’s, and Krispy Kreme are currently offering discounts and free food to health care workers and first responders.


Buy scrubs for nurses to help ease their need to do laundry or buy new scrubs


Time to do laundry can be challenging in between shifts. Everyone does not have a washer and dryer in their home. So, they may have to go to a commercial laundromat. Dry cleaners are not open due to the pandemic. Or they just might have time to rest. To help nurses be able to have clean scrubs to change in, you can buy scrubs for them. 


Give a nurse an inspirational/devotional book


Caring for patients during the pandemic will affect different people in different ways. All nurses, first responders, and essential employees should find ways to take care of themselves, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Because of their close contact with coronavirus patients, nurses must be especially mindful of being able to relieve stress and reduce their anxiety. A thoughtful gift for a nurse would be to give them an inspirational book to help keep their spirits uplifted.


Give nurses a gift card to their favorite coffee shop


The sweet-smelling aroma of coffee or tea could be just the thing to help a nurse relax. Compared to what nurses may face on a daily basis, the cost of a cup of coffee or tea is a small price to pay. If you want to show a nurse how much you appreciate them, buy a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.


Provide free haircuts for nurses


With barbershops and hair salons closed, it may not be easy for nurses to keep their hair cut and groomed. Many nurses will appreciate a fresh new haircut. You can set up a haircut station in a secured sterile room inside the hospital or other medical workplaces to give basic haircuts.


Both male and female nurses can receive free haircuts. Just let them know in advance that they will not be able to receive any perms or elaborate hairstyles. If you are not a barber, you can partner with someone skilled and licensed to cut hair.


Give nurses a gift basket of lotion, soaps, and facial creams


Everyone is washing their hands numerous times a day. One result of all that handwashing is dry skin. A solution for restoring the moisture to dry skin is a nice bottle of lotion. In addition to the lotion, you can include bath soaps, facial creams, and other bath accessories in the basket. What nurse would not enjoy unwinding with a nice hot bubble bath at the end of a long day?


Because of what nurses do, so many people will know that someone cares for them as they recover from their illness. The least we can do is show nurses some appreciation. Even after National Nurses Week is over, we should continue to show nurses appreciation during this pandemic.


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