5 Stress Release Tips for Moms During COVID-19

5 Stress Release Tips for Moms During COVID-19

Being a mother can be difficult even in the best of times. But mothers around the world are feeling more than their fair share of stress while working to keep life as normal as possible for their children while dealing with the COVID-19 virus. One bit of good news is that your kids are equipped with all the tools they need to thrive in these trying times and will be fine as they adjust to the current reality. And for you, here are a few tips that will prove helpful at relieving your stress while continuing your duties as a mother during the pandemic.


Make Plans


Children do well when they have some idea of what to expect on a day to day basis. You can take the time to deliver this routine in the form of a written schedule but it will be just as effective if you communicate the daily plan to your children as you talk each day.


Tasks like cleaning and schoolwork should be sandwiched around activities chosen by your child. This will keep morale high and encourage prosocial behavior.


Get on Their Level


Participating in playtime with your children a couple of times each day will help keep their behavior and emotions in check. It will also help strengthen the bond that is shared by members of your family.


Sitting on the floor will improve the experience for your children as you play together. But don’t stop there, make the experience complete with overly silly voices, jumping jacks, and activities that will leave your home a temporary mess. You may find that this imaginative playtime is just as beneficial for you as it is for your children.


Take a Deep Breath


Learn to gauge your emotions and the tension level in your body before you show a reaction to the words or actions of your children. Your days will be much more pleasant if you learn to step away and take a few deep breaths whenever you sense an escalating chain of events.


You should find something that will bring you a bit of relaxation while you take a break. You can take a warm bath, listen to a couple of your favorite songs,  or enjoy a glass of wine on the porch. Finding ways to practice self care will go a long way in helping you maintain a level head with your children.


Choose When and How You React


It is sometimes best if you plan ahead of time for which of your child’s challenging behavior you will ignore. A second option is to describe the behavior you are witnessing from your child clearly to them and make suggestions for changes. Having a plan and keeping calm when you react will go a long way in motivating your child to change their behavior. 


Spread the Love


Stressful events can often be managed quite simply with a bit of physical affection. And while it may not be very appealing for you to give an extra hug or hold the hand of your child after being cooped up in the house for many days consecutively, these actions could be just what the doctor ordered for a young one who is dealing with emotions they cannot necessarily explain.


The Bottom Line


The added stress of sheltering in place with your family as part of the COVID-19 protocol can quickly make being a mommy seem like one of the toughest undertakings on earth. However, you and your family will be just fine and the bond between you will only be stronger by the time your life returns to normal. The five tips above are excellent for mothers who need a little help with stress management while caring for their children through the coronavirus pandemic.

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