Andy Khawaja, Founder of Allied Wallet, is Honored by Pope Francis and the Vatican

Online payment

Allied Wallet is one of the leading providers of online payment processing. With the tremendous growth of online transactions and shopping over the past few years, online payment processing is more essential than ever. With rising customer demands and increasing security threats, a reliable payment method such as Allied Wallet is one of the cornerstones of the future. Allied Wallet, led by Dr. Andy Khawaja as CEO, was recently honored by the Vatican and Pope Francis as an Ambassador for Peace.

Allied Wallet, in addition to being one of the leading online payment providers, is known worldwide for its contributions to charity and philanthropy. The company has always made it one of their top priorities to try to make a difference in the numerous lives it touches. Dr. Andy Khawaja knows that in addition to providing a reliable service, it is important to give back to the communities that have given him and the company so much. The ultimate goal is to thrive as a society. This is done by creating opportunities. In order for people to succeed, Allied Wallet has been all about creating opportunities. This is what sets this company apart from the competition.

At the Vatican, Dr. Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet were honored alongside Rondine Cittadella della Pace, one of the leading organizations promoting an end to armed conflict worldwide in an effort to obtain global peace. It was a beautiful ceremony in which Pope Francis expressed his gratitude to Dr. Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet for their efforts. Pope Francis expressed that the world needs more people like Dr. Andy Khawaja if the human race is truly to move forward in the future.

Allied Wallet and Dr. Khawaja have supported countless charities all over the world. Some of the charities include the United Service Organizations, the Badge Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Wounded Warrior Project STAR Team for the Children, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and Hope for Change International. Of course, always humble, Dr. Khawaja expressed his gratitude to Pope Francis and the Vatican. The company has been rooted in helping others from the day it was created. Dr. Khawaja simply views this as the right thing to do, and not anything special or fancy. Perhaps that is what makes Allied Wallet such a special company. It will be exciting to see what type of charitable efforts Dr. Andy Khawaja fuels in the future.