Boosting Employee Engagement After the Holiday Break

After a holiday break, it may be hard to drag yourself back to the office. It’s not an uncommon feeling and we’ve all been there before, but there is a way to beat the post-holiday blues and keep workplace engagement high. As a leader, manager, or boss, you’ve got to work on your own attitude first. Find reasons to be excited about returning to work. Use your employee development suite to plan out ways to get yourself engaged before you leave for the holiday.  

Staff engagement is important, and if this is a circus, you are the ringleader. Before you head out the door to Christmas dinner or a Thanksgiving feast, make sure to have an employee engagement plan ready for when you return. Not sure where to start? Steal a few of our ideas!

Filled with Food

Nothing improves the mood like free food. Consider bringing in free breakfast or lunch on the first day back to set the tone and keep people happy. Keep this plan to yourself and have it be a nice surprise when your coworkers walk in.

Big Plans

Save something big and exciting for after the break. Set up a new task or project as something exciting everyone can look forward to. If you do it right, workplace engagement will skyrocket and employees will come back ready to work.

Work Break

If you’re all coming back from a big break, take some time that first day back in the office and let everyone talk about their holiday. Get the chit-chat out of the way so that you can all get back to work and stay on task. A designated break shows employees you care and boosts engagement later.

Consult your employee development suite for more staff engagement tips and tricks so that this year, your coworkers are excited to return to the office after their break.

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