Claim £400 For The Boiler Scrappage Scheme

As the price of energy has hit an all time high and is set to rocket over the next decade the Government has introduced measures that encourages us all to lower our energy usage by installing new energy efficient boilers.  At Clever Energy Boilers we have been actively involved in supporting their initiatives and have installed over 5000 boilers in the last 5 years.

If your old boiler is not going to last another winter then now could be a good time to replace it as you will be able to claim for its removal on the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.  This scheme is aimed at homeowners with an older inefficient boiler that need replacing. The result for the homeowner is lower energy consumption and lower bills by installing a new replacement boiler.

With the Boiler Scrappage Scheme to help you with the cost to upgrade your old boiler we will give you a massive £400 towards the cost of your new boiler. We believe over 125,000 homes will be able to claim so act now.

Why Replace Your Old Boiler

New technological improvements have been made and replacing your old boiler can literally save you up to £340 per year on your energy bill. If your old boiler is over ten years old it will be extremely inefficient when compared to a new A rated boiler that have an efficiency rating of over 90% whereas old G Rated Boilers are only 70% efficient. This will help you save money on your energy bill which can literally help decrease those nasty bills and your carbon footprint by reducing your emissions by around 140,000 tonnes so you are literally doing your bit to going green too.

Who Will Qualify?

All homeowners will qualify that have an old boiler installed for the scheme as we are being actively encouraged to clean up our act and Go Green. Old boilers use a ridiculous amount of energy when compared with new energy efficient boiler so we urge you to take action immediately.

.How to Apply

Apply today so you don’t miss out by ringing the office on 01274 214 557 or email . By doing so will get one of our fully trained surveyed to assess your home and show you the savings you can make. After choosing the right boiler to suit your needs one of our gas safe engineers will install your new boiler and ensure you fully understand how to use your new boiler before they leave.

You will simply get a massive £400 scrappage for your old boiler and this will help you get cheap bills and peace of mind for the next ten years.




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