Five Top Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Here’s Some Great Energy Saving Tips That Work

Are you paying too much of your hard earned cash on energy guzzling appliances in your home, do you hate paying those nasty energy bills? Then join the club we all do, it’s often something that we all often moan a lot about and then do absolutely nothing about it. With the era of Martin Lewis and internet saving sites it’s time to take action so here we go Top Tips to save money on your energy bills.

Top Tip One: New Energy Efficient Boilers

Installing  a New A Rated Boiler can wipe a 1/3rd off your energy bills in an instant, just imagine what you could save over the next ten years. I’d say act now and start saving today. Add the right heating controls and you can save up to 40% on your bills. Say your heating bills are £100 per month then you will save £40 over the year this can add up to £480 and over ten years this adds up to £4800. Now that is quite a lot of money to give away to an energy company. New Buy Now Pay Later Schemes Can Really Help Too

Top Tip Two: Smart Meters

smart meter is a new kind of gas and electricity meter that can digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier. This can ensure more accurate energy bills. Smart meters also come with monitors, so you can better understand your energy usage. Every home in Britain will have a smart meter installed by 2020 and these are to be rolled out by your energy supplier.

Top Tip Three: Smart Thermostats

  1. Smart thermostats are a smart technology that let you remotely control your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over your central heating. (They should not be confused with smart meters, which digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier.) Simply put a smart thermostat into the most-used room in the house or the hallway, and moderate the temperature of the whole house to match that rooms requirements and start saving money today. Just 1 degree can save you £!00’s per year so can you imagine what this can save you.


Top Tip Four: Change to LED’s
Lighting accounts for 18 per cent of a typical household’s electricity bill. You can cut your lighting bill and energy use by changing which bulbs you use and how you use them. There are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs available in the UK. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

CFLs are a cost-effective option for most general lighting requirements. Replacing a traditional light bulb with a CFL of the same brightness will save you about £5 per year, or £70 over the lifetime of the bulb.

All traditional incandescent bulbs have been banned within the EU, as part of a shift towards more efficient technology with other lower performing halogens expected to be banned by 2018.

Top Tips Five: Change Energy Suppliers

Simply changing you energy supplier can save you £100’s over a 12 month period. If you just do nothing and stay with your current supplier you will literally be open to been transferred automatically onto a higher tariff so act now and change straight way.

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