Neurobiologix Launches Methylation Pro Topical Formula

Methylation Pro Topical Formula features the addition of Vitamin K for those who are hampered by a VDR Taq genetic polymorphism.

Neurobiologix is a leader in pharmaceutical grade GMP Certified supplements and has announced their new product Methylation Pro Topical Formula. Vitamin K has been added for enhanced methylation support and delivery. The Vitamin K addition serves to aid those with a methylation deficiency or VDR Taq genetic polymorphism, which inhibits a person’s ability to absorb Vitamin D that can result in immune weakness, early bone loss, and increased risk of cognitive decline and mood issues. Methylation Pro Topical consists of a unique topical delivery system and may assist those with issues such as organization skills, MTHFR Mutations, short term memory loss, fatigue, and poor sleep. Vitamin B12 included in the formula is also essential in the development and maintenance of the body’s red blood cells and nerve cells. Vitamin B12 also aids in the production of DNA and RNA and the production of neurotransmitters which are essential for good cognitive performance.

Dr. Kendal Stewart is the founder of the NeuroSensory Center of Austin and featured medical expert on the radio show Coffee With Dr. Stewart. Dr. Stewart states: “Methylation deficiency is the missing component of neurological and immunological recovery. An adequate supply of methylated vitamins is vital for health and the prevention of many syndromes society is facing today. Genetic and acquired factors predispose many people to developing a methylation deficiency that can lead to a life of never feeling well.”

Methylation Pro Topical by Neurobiologix is available for purchase online and over the phone. It is also available for purchase in doctors’ offices across the nation. Neurobiologix is a pharmaceutical grade supplement company based in Austin, TX. All Neurobiologix products are FDA monitored and Certified GMP.

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