Matan Travels Announces Launch of Exciting Custom Guided Tours in Israel Covering the Entire Country

 Israel is a favorite vacation destination for a large number of people from very diverse communities worldwide.  Matan Travels recently announced the launch of new custom guided Israel tours catering to some of Israel’s most popular places and catering to different subcultures who hold the country dear to their hearts.



Israel is certainly a vacation destination that appeals to very diverse people – both secular and religious. Jewish people from around the world, Christians who would like to visit the Holy Land of the Bible; young people exploring the county’s thriving counter-culture;  LGBT couples; and much more all are quick to enjoy what Israel has to offer.  Many people consider using a tour guide as the best way to enjoy Israel to the fullest.  Enter Matan Travels who recently announced the launch of their custom guided Israel tours delivered by professional guides who know how to bring people amazing experiences in Israel.  Travelers have responded with enthusiasm.


“We’re very excited to be delivering premium quality Israel guided tours at attractive price points,”  commented a spokesperson from Matan Travels.  “Our mission is to exceed expectations wherever and whenever possible.  Israel is an amazing country and we show her in her best light.”


According to the company, some of their most popular tours currently include: Galilee tours; Tel Aviv tours; Jerusalem tours;  South Israel tours and much more.  New tours are added very often, and Matan Travels suggest interested parties stop by the site often to check out the latest.


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