Rainwater Sustainable Alternative To Drilling Wells And Hauling Water

Local Company Says Canadians Can Conserve Water and Save Money

— On World Water Day, Saskatchewan-based Clean Flo Water Technologies is encouraging Canadians to conserve water and save money by harvesting rainwater.

“World Water Day – a day designated by the United Nations to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and the need for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Rainwater can replace or supplement conventional treated municipal water or well water,” said Ben Morrison, a Water Resources Engineering Technologist with the company.

“Rainwater is a renewable, sustainable, high quality and free water source available to anyone and can be harvested and stored for a variety of uses in residential, commercial and agricultural settings.”

Filtered rainwater can be used for outdoor irrigation, indoor laundry and toilet flushing, and finally drinking and cooking. Clean Flo provides its customers with effective rainwater management and conservation solutions from sophisticated rain barrels to whole home systems, which can integrate into a new build or be retrofitted.

Jenine Demyen had a whole home rainwater harvesting system installed at her farm east of Craven, SK last summer.

“We were building and needed to put in all services. All the wells in the area were dug to at least 400 feet and neighbours had told us the quality wasn’t great,” Demyen said. “It just made sense to harvest rainwater from the roof to use throughout our house and yard.”

Demyen says the whole home system cost approximately $20,000 less than it would have cost to have a well dug and that the system will eventually pay for itself.

“I pay for filters, but that cost is less than a standard monthly water bill. Plus, you don’t actually realize how great it tastes until you drink other water.”

Despite low precipitation levels this winter in Saskatchewan, the Demyen’s rainwater harvesting system provided the family with enough water to fulfill all of its needs – including their chickens and other pets.

Craig and Wendy Jansen of Ottawa, ON approached Clean Flo last year after finding out that the property where they wanted to build a new house in Nova Scotia did not have a reliable source of water.

“The lot where we are going to build is located on the coast and doesn’t have any useable source of water. Local wells have been contaminated with salt water and hauling water can be cost prohibitive,” Craig Jansen said, adding that after some research, they decided a whole home rainwater harvesting system was their best option, as the rainwater would be used for drinking, cooking, laundry, and toilet flushing.

“As an engineer, I knew I needed something more sophisticated than a lot of the do-it-yourself kits out there. I needed a company that offered a design service not much different than how an architect would provide plans for a house. We wanted a professional to put together a design package that we could supply to our builder, and that’s exactly what we got from Clean Flo Water Technologies.”

Morrison predicts the whole home system will save the Jansen’s $4,000 to $5,000 per year when compared to hauling water and will pay for itself in ten years.

“We take pride in managing all water needs from conception to installation and supplying complete professionally custom-designed systems and engineered designs that meet all building codes,” Morrison said. “We’re excited about the potential of rainwater harvesting when it comes to conserving water – our most precious resource.”

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Family-owned and operated, Clean Flo Water Technologies is a Canadian company dedicated to ensuring families and businesses have access to safe, clean water when and where you need it.

Based in Saskatchewan for the last 30 years, Clean Flo Water Technologies is Larry, Ben and Sam Morrison – a father and two sons who are passionate about meeting the water needs of Canadians from coast to coast. With more than 40 years of combined experience, the Morrison’s are committed to helping people access water and solving their water quality issues.

Clean Flo recently moved its operations from Regina to the town of Craik, located 120 km northwest of Regina, to be a part of the town’s eco village – a community for likeminded individuals and businesses committed to sustainability.

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