New Service Delivers Fresh Christmas Trees to Hot Texas Homes

It’s not always easy to fill a home with festive cheer when the sun is shining, especially if your Christmas tree dries out before the holidays have come to an end. Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms ( have created the perfect solution to a problem affecting thousands of Texas households, offering long lasting real Christmas trees that are designed to withstand the hot Texas climate throughout the Christmas period.

Through Hilltop’s brand new delivery service, buyers can chose from a range of Fraser or Balsam Fir trees to find the perfect size and shape for their festive home. Each tree is then shipped in specially designed wax packaging, ensuring they maintain their moisture level and arrive smelling of the holiday season, whatever the weather outside.

With generations of experience as a foundation, Hilltop have developed the perfect cultivation process designed to grow Christmas trees that are perfectly suited to the warm Texas climate and able to withstand the heat all winter long. Even if temperatures soar, Hilltop trees will continue to retain water and fill any home with the smell of Christmas.

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farm’s new home delivery service is available nationwide and also includes options for ordering decorative wreaths and table top trees, so you can invite long-lasting Christmas cheer into every corner of your home. Each order is hand-picked by our team wearing protective work gloves to protect the trees and is then transported in a ventilated truck to keep needles strong and intact, even in the hot Texas climate where temperatures can reach highs of 65 degrees in December.

Unlike lot-bought trees, which are often cut down months before Christmas, each Hilltop tree is harvested just one week before it arrives at your front door. This has the added advantage of ensuring a fresh tree and preventing premature wilting, which is a common problem affecting home across Texas every year.

Even if the sun is shining this Christmas, Hilltop’s easy to order, high quality Christmas trees can help spread holiday cheer around your home and conjure the magic of a perfect Texas Christmas.

To choose the ideal tree for your home and bring Christmas joy to even the warmest of climates, visit the Hilltop website or call them direct.

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