Black Travel Club Is Giving Away 1,000 Free Memberships – First come first served! is inviting 1,000 people to join its new black travel club for free. The club plans to charge new members a $99 lifetime membership fee when it officially launches January 1st 2015, but these 1,000 members will not be charged this fee. The free membership offer comes as the club prepares to transition from a testing phase to a fully launched online social network and travel rewards program. The travel rewards program is expected to be the club’s major draw, because it will pay members a $50 travel credit for each friend they refer to the club, allowing members to earn free vacations.

The company is accepting the 1,000 free members to create a live environment for website testing. Black Travel Club has recently been testing and fine tuning its new online social network, which is where club members can regularly interact with each other in addition to participating in annual group vacations. Black Travel Club will also welcome feedback from free members, which will be considered for implementation.

Those interested in receiving a free lifetime membership can easily sign up on the company’s website – Black Travel Club is asking that other black groups and organizations announce this free membership opportunity to their own members, customers, and followers via Facebook, email, newsletters, and on their websites. Once 1,000 free members have joined, the free offer will end and the $99 membership fee will be implemented for people who join afterwards.

About Black Travel Club:

Black Travel Club is a travel rewards program and online social network catering to black travel lovers. The club operates and allows members to earn travel credits by referring new friends to the club. Members can then use their travel credits for free vacations. Black Travel Club brings blacks together around travel as a common interest, encourages Black America to travel more, for fun and education, and helps make travel more affordable.

Press Contact:
Black Travel Club – Aubrey Williams
(858) 386-7395

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