Social Media Is For Life, And Not To Be Forgotten Over Christmas

Companies and brands alike need to be mindful not to neglect their social media profile over the Christmas break or risk undoing much of the hard work put in throughout the year, warns PR agency, Punch Communications.

Despite the end of the working year fast approaching, the internet doesn’t break for Christmas, and neither does social media usage. As a result, company and brand social profiles need to maintained and updated as they are at any other point of the year. Failure to do so could see the number of ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ reduce dramatically, undoing much of the efforts leading up to that point.

Ben Leuty, Account Manager at Punch Communications, commented: “Everyone likes a break at Christmas but for the sake of five minutes every day, or every other day at that, updating social profiles is a very worthwhile activity, especially considering social media usage will more than likely rise as people have more spare time. With the correct preparation, it needn’t be a chore either. The easiest way is to create a social media calendar prior to Christmas, including copy and links, then it’s simply a case of logging on, cutting and pasting and updating.

“Other forms of online PR such as Search Engine Optimisation, shouldn’t be ignored either. Again there are very simple measures that can be taken to ensure that it’s a smooth running operation, and again, it comes down to preparation. The simplest solution is to get the press releases written and signed off as normal and then post to sites that can delay distribution until a specified date. This way, a finger needn’t be lifted during the festive break and keyword rankings can be maintained, if not bettered.”

Punch Communications is a public relations agency that uniquely offers traditional PR as well as SEO and Social either as single entities or as a combined package. For more information on Punch Communications or how to utilise social media and the internet to your benefit, please visit


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