PR Market Will Continue to Evolve in 2011

What is the one consistent that 2011 has in store for the PR world? According to Punch Communications it’s the fact that clients will continue to want diversity in the Marcomms and will spread their budgets to reflect this.

Having started life as a predominantly traditional PR operation seven years ago, Punch Communications now boasts an array of clients all wanting professional consultancy on a number of elements of the marketing mix. The use of Facebook to create a community is one area of expertise and one Punch believes will continue to grow as Facebook shows no signs of its popularity decreasing.

Ed Fleming, Account Director at Punch commented, “Clients have a responsibility to grow with the times and grow with their fans or audience. As such, a marketing director now has to show his bosses that he and his PR agency are ahead of the game and ahead of the competition. A simple press release on the back of some stats is no longer enough. Innovation and creativity within new comms vehicles is not going to stop and, if we are honest, there is a lot of scope to be more creative and innovative.”

Punch is also calling for a new industry-wide template for social media evaluation – something a number of potential clients are looking for before they commit to investing into more into a sector that has so much potential.

Ed continued, “Anyone that calls themselves experts in technology PR or a social media agency has to be able to provide a clearly defined template by which clients can evaluate. Until that day happens marketing directors will struggle to persuade FDs to let them have the investment they know can make a difference.”

Punch Communications is looking forward to another exciting and innovative 2011.


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