A Nottingham based Landscape Gardener Gives Top Climate Change Tips

Stone Landscapes, a Nottingham based Landscape Gardener detail how climate change is altering our gardening season


The change in climate has had a major effect on gardens in recent years. Seasons are not set in stone anymore and you can no longer attach seasons to calendar months.

Plant growth is affected by external factors such as the daylight hours and the temperature. A rise in temperature produces an increase in growth and therefore the growing season is longer than ever. This is good and bad news for us and our gardens, depending on whether you like gardening or not!

Andrew Spencer, owner of Nottinghamshire-based Landscape Gardener Stone Landscapes states “Lots of people don’t realise that garden maintenance is now all year round. Generally, deciduous trees and shrubs are best pruned back now when dormant, as they are much easier to shape and highlight any branches that are damaged, dead or diseased”

Another factor in modern times is that people generally have less time on their hands than they used to. Busy work schedules and more motorway hours have meant that weekends have become more precious than ever for families, and the tendency is not to get in the garden to do essential maintenance.

Andrew continues “I have seen an uplift in not only my complete soft and hard landscaping enquiries, but also my year-round maintenance programmes – people just don’t seem to have the time or inclination anymore, and for the cost of our maintenance packages they see it as a worthwhile investment getting a professional gardener involved”

For more advice contact Andrew Spencer at Stone Landscapes on 0115 9818210/07850 374369 or visit Landscape Gardener Nottingham

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