Tax Preparers: Targeting Hispanic Market is Key to Success, Expansion

Tri Tax Franchise’s familiarity with the booming Hispanic market is a win-win for franchisees and customers.

Hispanics make up the largest minority population in the United States, and their power and influence is on the rise. The number one way tax preparers can enhance their business is by targeting the Hispanic market and offering exceptional products and services.

One company that understands this concept is Tri Tax Franchise, a firm built from the ground up by entrepreneur Carlos Marquez. “As the Hispanic market has grown, so has the Tri Tax franchise system,” he says. “When I first started out, I was told the company would never make it because Hispanics couldn’t afford franchises. Boy where they wrong!”

Tri Tax has grown by leaps and bounds in a few short years, and while its competitors are scrambling to replace clients lost to online tax services and software, Tri Tax is flourishing. “We attract new franchisees every day because our system is a proven winner,” Marquez explains. “We provide unparalleled support, a successful business model and access to crucial options like bank products that independent tax preparers often can’t get on their own. Plus, we know who our clients are and how to equip preparers to serve them well.”

The overwhelming majority of those clients are the most sought-after in the U.S. right now: Hispanic. Marquez says, “While others are trying to enter the Hispanic market, we are that market. Every single one of our corporate staff members speaks Spanish, and 99 percent of our franchisees are Hispanic. Many business owners think they’ll succeed simply by translating the message, but you have to live it and be it. We are.”

What sets Tri Tax apart in the industry is a continued commitment to service that other firms seem to have lost. “I think somewhere along the way our competitors forgot that they supposedly offer personalized, economical tax preparation service,” he says. “So now their client lists are dwindling, and they’re scrambling because they’ve lost the ability to offer services like bank products. At Tri Tax, we know our market and why they choose us. Not only do we speak their language, but our franchisees are much more than just once-a-year tax preparers in the communities they serve.

The tax industry is a lucrative career choice; the key is in knowing how to attract and retain clients. Now is the perfect time to partner with the leading Hispanic market experts by becoming a Tri Tax franchisee.

About Tri Tax

Carlos Marquez founded Tri Tax in San Pedro, California, while still in junior high. In 2007 he began franchising the company, giving others the opportunity to experience the limitless success he had created for himself. In 2009, Frank Montaño was appointed President & CEO, while Marquez remains active as Chairman of the company. For more information, visit


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