Social Media Is Now a Key Tool in Recruitment, Says Punch

Employers are increasingly using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a method of sourcing new and exciting talent according to PR, Search and Social Media Agency Punch Communications.

Using social networking sites as a means of recruitment within the PR industry can be an extremely useful approach to finding the ideal candidate. It demonstrates that the individual already has a grasp of social media as a method of contemporary communication, which is an integral part of online PR in itself. It is also great for the candidates, as they can interact directly with businesses looking to recruit.

With social networking sites playing a pivotal role in the development of online PR and marketing, it seems to be a natural progression for the recruitment aspect of the industry to follow suit.

PR Company Punch Communications has recently used the business-orientated social networking site LinkedIn to generate several new candidate leads as part of their recruitment and expansion plan, using the medium to discover extra skills and dimensions of each candidate.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch Communications, commented: “Social media is a really efficient mechanism for highlighting new roles within the company; it’s cost effective, and the results are almost instantaneous. It also allows the employer to have an understanding of what their potential new workers are like in the public domain, and vice versa.

“The other advantage which works particularly in our favour is that social media gives us broader coverage. If we were to recruit via an agency that is based in London, we would be hugely limited as their focus is predominantly on the capital.

“Recruitment agencies have the advantage of being able to screen applicants, and match them to our specific requirements. However the cost element involved in employing their services makes the use of social media much more advantageous to a growing business such as Punch. Without any doubt we will continue to use social media as a method of recruiting in the future.”

Punch Communications was founded in 2003 by Pete and Emma Goold, and has since grown to a team of twelve. Along with traditional PR methods, Punch Communications also offer services ranging from Social Media to Technology PR.

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